Friday, November 03, 2006

just here to tell everyone, im fine.
thanks for all ur concerns. i was damm grateful,
everything was okay ytd.
they didn't find me. and the both parties just talk it over.
i was just feeling real great that things didnt turn out
as how i expected.
anyway ; today gotten my streaming results.
i got into 3a2 taking POA.
glad that 7/9 of the us will be in the same class again ! :]]
my girls ; Eugenia ; xuanhui ; xinhui ; wanzhuang
zazilah ; xinhui ; jolene
last but not least me!! weees! (:
and so sorry for ivy and shensi but dont ever give
up on urself! work even harder! hahhaas,
im sure i gonna miss the times 2a2 spent together
crapping and joking ard.
after going through so many ups and down with me.
i gotta really thanks my class, 2a2.
i gonna love u guys! although we might not be in the same class
anymore, but don't worry i'll still rmb the days.
hope u guys think likewise too!
now lets just say bye to 2a2 ! ):
really thanks for all the fond memories.....

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