Monday, December 11, 2006

my blog is like so dead now. (:
think its because of the period of time for e post.
now i finally realise how days without the basterd
can be so happy. now i know,
i totally forgotten about him :D!
cheeeeeers for me! well, tomoro i'm going korea.
and special thanks to
Eugenia des gary kianloon lincoln and zhangyong
( did i get the correct spelling?)
for supporting me in the concert!
ya and really thanks eugenia and des for giving me
a wonderful and memorable day b4
i'm going to korea. hehehehe.
today we went to town. shop here and there
den went to fareast bought some goldearrings :]
i'll be away frm 12th to 20th
i'll miss my #1girlfriends! moack((((:
won't be blogging for quite a period of time
cause i'm having a class chalet frm 21st-23rd :D
ohya ytd was a good day to be mentioned!
we had fun celebrating kianloon's birthday
although we celebrate it in a coffeeshop,
but its a unique one. we played with cream!
some idiots G wipe the cream on my face. damm it (=
starting to love my friends more and more.
and u, don ever try me u bitch.
well those who wanna exchange xmas gift
pls give me e sms. 94517606(:
heheheh :D and my birthday is coming! its making me excited.
wanna have a good time with my girlfriendsdarlings.
hookay enough of the posting abit tired :]
sleeeeep! loveeeee. <3

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