Monday, December 31, 2007

okay finallly i'm fifteeeeeeeeeeen. i've been waiting!
presents received: cosmetics, sk jewellery, perfume,
bracelet, "angbaos" and a RED psp okay.
i'm veryyyyyyyyyyyyy happppy. & will be going out
with my clique later! oh ya replies to tags here.
passerby: the title of the song "love you so"
raymond-aloha: thanks buddddy a toad. love
liping: thanks alot! (:
vanessa: laughs how nice of you.. yea waited for yrs(:
cher: okay i'll be clever alrdy! i try my best thanks :D
passerby: i use clean and clear foaming, shu uemura
cleansing oil and clarins cleasing milk to clean my face..
followed by neutrogena toner den moisture my face.
and i'm using dueba one year lenses (:
efah: hey darling... thanks alot for being with me okay!
nicole: thanks girl..
adee: thansk alot primary best mate :D love yah
qilong: thanks di (:

Sunday, December 30, 2007

came online just to blog. i guess, just no one understands
oh yea my birthday is coming again.
actually not much of a big deal. but this time i want
to make really goood use of this time to reflect.
laughs, how many of us actually ponder about what
we did for the year? shouldn't be more den my fingers.
initially, i was very excited about my birthday.
as soon as it comes, i started to have the emptyness
within me. i don't know whats wrong.. but i hate to
be alone. be it walking or eating i just hate being alone.
i wonder when can i really start to be independent,
responsible, hardworking and a sensible girl that
need not be so so dependent on my friends.
i've been trying, really trying hard...
but it just doesnt seems to work on me. yea,
cher said i should let go when i need to. Its easier
said den done. how many of us really let everything go
when we have to? please tell me whats wrong with
me this time round.. cause i really have no idea.
tell me, just tell me i'm deprive of concern.
a big toad thanks to you girls today the credit goes to
jolene zilah xinhui xuanhui wanzhuang.
you girls really did brighten up my day to the brightest.
shouldnt blog about today cause i ain't in the mood
to do so.. so no moood for my birthday anymore.
no big deal.

Friday, December 28, 2007

be mentally prepared.... because there'll be many
many pictures coming in soon! heheh
gooood things have to wait. have some patience (:

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

working at shu uemura bugis this time round,
from 25th - 27th.
2pm-10pm oh my god.... what a day.
blog again (:

Monday, December 24, 2007

ps: get ready for some randommmmm pictures
so sorrrry readers, theres really many more to upload
but i've beeen really busy these few days.
but i'm gooood cause i actually blog on the 24th instead
of 25th. laughs
so......... ITS CHRISTMAS EVE.
to everyone who reads this. i hope the new year begins
happpily and fat-free. okay, so whatever =,=
oh...... & its another peaceful christmas this time.
but i've got activities for tomorrow!
going to SS's house with everyone of them
and later on off to david's house with our sch's clique.
conclusion: i'll have pretty much fun this year. i guessed?
i asked santa for love, care& concern.
i wonder what he'll give me this time round.
oh yea, my birthday is coming.
on the 31st.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

sorry guys, lazy and not in the moood to blog.
will blog on the 25th (:

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

hello i'm backkkkkk :D
but i'm going overseas tomorrow till sat.
till then i'll blog again. stay tune (:
oh yah,
& i dont know why i'm on this =,=
page 58.
like so........

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

hello people zilah here :) eileen asked me to tell you guys that she's away already :)
from 11th dec till 18dec ya :)
she will be back pretty soooon :)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

so sorry for not updating my blog readers.
as for the previous post, its meant for some bitches.
yet some idiots thought i'm talking about them.
ugly bitch. laughs i wouldnt be using friendster that
much anymore cause i'm bored of it...
blogging wise, i'll be updating real often after my holidays
cause i'm sure i have 18457950 things to complain
to you guys. so stay tune :D
anyw, i'll be blogging the last post on the 11th of dec
cause i'm flying off to japan that day!

suck that off.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

HYPOCRITES. & i hope all of you die $%(&!%^*
i don't want to name anyone out. laughs cause i can't bother to do so.
AND FOR YOUR BIG IMFORMATION, ask your "bestfriends"
what they said about you before they go blabbering their effing
mouth out. haha! totallly........ RIDICULOUS.
know what girl? i don't even care how or what you feel about me now.
can't you see i don't even bother to explain to you anything?
because you guys are NOT WORTH to be my friend.
ask them quick HAHAHAHAHAHA FUN.
&.... you wanna try me?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Current mood- Bored! >:/ time do really flies.. especially this particular 2007.
i still remember how i act and do things when i'm still childish.
thinking back, all those memories seems bad but quite interesting
actually. right? its gonna be the end of year and many things change..
the way i look, the people i hang out with & my BestFriends.
i never knew things would turn out this way.. but yea,
i'll just let nature take its course fo now. to my suprise, i
actually still remember all the small little things that happen this year.
i'll be more then happy to share with you guys now(:
i was with my first ex boyfriend till this year beginning of january.
some free tickets for "Just follow law" watched with girl & her gege.
celebrated my valentine's day with my girl, a memorable one.
started to like my second ex around valentine's day.
continued carrying a torch for him till may we're attached.
broke up during early august with him, single till now.
laughs and many many tiffs with my girl... anyw, i know
we're not close anymore. but nevertheless i'll still be here for you
if one day you need a listening ear or a shoulder. (:
i've learnt alot of things from all the lessons i was given...
learnt how to control, how to smile often, how to be a happy girl,
how to enjoy being single, how to bake cakes from my girl,
how to refrain myself from being sad bcos of any guy,
how to understand things better, how to put on better makeups,
how to think about how others will feel......
& how to feel bless with what i'm having currently.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

ahhhh! look at those lovely cup cakes. yummmmmy
got these cute lil cupcakes from a wedding lunch(:
if i'm not wrong i heard that it'll cost ard $4 per cupcake. $$$$
bad news - my hair is short now... as for the reason why,
its for you to find out & for me to know. Laughs! -terrible :/
anyw, i've got 456282950 new pictures to upload but i'm
just pure/very lazy these few weeks and i don't know why!
a big sorry for my readers!
but this time i promise you guys i'll post VERY x10 often
once i come back from japan :DDDDDD
oh yah! i'll be away for japan on the 11th of december- 20th.
so don't go around asking where i've been or something(:
haaaaah this funnny story to tell you guys....
i seriously find that i can't click with that girl. & whats wrong?
okay i'm random =,= back to my random topics.
plans of Eileen poh may peng's life.
what to do when i grow up: to start my very own bridal business
when do i plan to get attach again: as soon as i think im up to it
when do i plan to get married: when i'm 25 hopefully?
when do i plan to have my own beautiful kids: 27 :DDDD
okay thats all for today.
for this, i had enough.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

who knows when i reallly feeel sad? me, myself & I.
anyw, big thanks to all of you guys who helped me that day when
i'm drunk. sorry too. (:
laughs it has been more den a week since i last blog.
don't know why am i so lazy these days.
for the past week i have been going out with the bunch of them
for like almost everyday and i really enjoyed myself.
maybe because i find you guys really easy and nice to talk to.
if i've been showing any forms of moodswings/attitude,
please forgive/pardon me. cause recently my mood is somehow
like a rollercoaster going up and down non-stop.
i'll blog again soon.

Monday, November 05, 2007


finally, i understand what is working...
working is not fun at all, its just super tiring. serious,
no joke. but i don't deny, working at shu uemura really
teaches me alot of things. especially when its at tangs,
town area we get to see alot of different kinds of people.
for example : really friendly ones or those super fussy ones.
this job really let me experience more about makeups which
are my all-time-favourites. let me elaborate more on it now..
first day ; report to work at 12.15 was really shy
and met the first senior i knew, she was 19 named melissa
shes really a nice girl though. Annie a senior too taught me
all about shu uemura's products & 300jie told me all
their prices which i took around 1/2 a day to memorise.
oh ya! and the stock was horrible. imagine eyeshadow we
have more den 50 colours how to find? and you have to
remember all the places where they'll keep the specific
piece cause you'll have to attend to the customer,
take the stock from the cardboard and even write the
receipt. i think you guys should know some tai-tais are
really so hard to satisfy. laughs! today ;
even worse. all my seniors have to attend a course so
my shift from 10-3.30 i'm like all alone! think about
how busy i am today. haha! now even if i close my eyes
i'll remember all their prices. & i think i'll be working
again very sooon. don't ask me why i can work there
because me myself don't have any idea too. :D
shu uemura is love.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

yayness, i'm hired. [like finally] =,=
by shu-uemura as a part time cosmetic counter girl.
(: i'm very happy seriously. luckily i went through the very
formal and scary interview.
working schedule: sunday 12.30-9.30
monday 9.30-3.30
i'll be back bloggging sooon. very lazy

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Please be warned, because thats what i always do. (:
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okay. thats all for today :D =,=

Monday, October 29, 2007


Saturday, October 27, 2007

say hello to my very lovable dear, randolph the bitch (:
oh yeah today's the last day of school. & i'm really v-happy.
but the best part is - my results. it really scared the hell out of me.
so people, please open up your big eyes and be warned.
Class position(mid yr) : 40/42
end of year : 37/41 is that an improvement? =,=
English: B3
Maths : B4
Chinese: B4
Science: C5
the stupid mid year results pull me down alot :/
so now you see what the shit is this?
forget about that. anyw, friends i really neeed a job.
i've no extra money =( oh yesyesyes
i wonder why this generation's girls are so so.....

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

something gone so wrong & i think i'm going insane/haywired.
i don't know what the hell is wrong with me today.
till now, i'm still having this mixed feeling :/
feeelings of irritated + frustrated + sad + craziness
seee! i don't know whats wrong with me.
and i really feeel like screaming my lungs out.
hell it when no one understands and cares. roar
whats wrong with all these shit? all trying to act sweet
infront of me? go away please, faggots.
Please ppl stop/refrain from telling me about how sweet
your boyfriends are treating you. bcos i really hate it.
see whats the time now? 3.12am and i'm still blogging
because i'm really bored and sick. guess what?
tomorrow i've got cca to attend. how fun will my day be?
someone please cheeer me up.

don't think i don't know what you're
doingbehind me, slug

Friday, October 19, 2007

okay, please ah i'm really sick this time. ahhhh fever again!
& know what? i think theres something wrong with my com.
its dammm slow. should be some virus(s) again =/
did i present my results to you guys? =)
English 70
Maths 69.2
Comb Sci 63
Chinese 61
Comb humans 47
Poa 22
sorry, but i really suck at poa. i have no idea why!
i'm a good momma's girl today, bcos i didnt go anywhere
except for trimming my eyebrows and fringe (:
Jolene and her boyfriend came my house. oh damm
stop being so sweet infront of me please. don't make me jealous!
laughs. i wonder if anyone would dote on me like how
jolene's boyfriend do? *pouts*
nevermind, anyway i'll be very independent.
so mom, don't be worried at all. cause i've grown up.
& dad, don't worry cause i know who i'm mixing with and
what i'm doing. ; your dearest daughter.
define lust

Monday, October 15, 2007

two months ago your heart + my heart.
two months later mine's non of yours.
stucked at home for the whole day. because i'm bored,
i went to read all my past post. laughs how funny?
i'm reminded of what happpen just 2 months ago.
here i am sitting at the same chair and computer
blogging. but, in a different way i supposed?
and because of all those thoughts that came rushing back,
i felt very disheartening. whats more when his
friends kept reminding me of what happen?
today was my first time watching 200 pounds beauty
and i can clearly remember why i didnt watch it in
the cinema 2 months ago.
- i was grounded for a couple of weeks didn't manage to
meet him up. end up he went to watch with his friends
if i didnt rmb it wrongly. LOL
but now i'm happy just like how i used to. (:
okay, went to east coast yesterday with ______
played pool, eat and cycled. laughs
not really in the moood eh. i'll blog again.

i'm vulnerable. so?

Saturday, October 13, 2007

guess what? i got 22/100 for my poa.
oh how proud i'm going to be of myself (:
okay i went ard singapore in my uniform eh
seriously jialat. i think i look like shit when
i have no makeups on. =/
HAHA i'll blog again.

guess what?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

what the hell. i'm really tired today!
went town with kapo for balls of fury at cine.
& the show is darn funny. had been laughing non-stop
but i think hes even worse. laughs! gahgahgah.
after that went fareast to walk around and saw mother
and winnie. meet you guys up soon okay!
YAY. we had our dinner at TCC. (my fav)
i had beef mozza tofu and he had ______ chicken.
i rate the foood there 5stars please. they're really
very nice. oh ya, we've been crapping non stop in the mrt
and i guessed alot of aunties thought we're crazy
bcos our laughter's really loud.
********** we alighted at simei and continue crapping
while eating icecream. haha! how great can my day be?

when life's going very

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

okay, this KAPO here lying on my bed is v-cute
thanks to you yesterday (:
& we only spent 3 dollars on this kapo.
how lucky are we? laughs.
yesterday was really an enjoyable one.
bcos i've beeen talking non stop! HAHA
but too bad i can't disclose your name here
if not................ :/
blog again~

Sunday, October 07, 2007

blog this fucking shit. i'm so bored __
i recently started to agree with the trend nowadays.
good looking guys going with normal looking girls while
good looking girls going with normal looking guys. oh my!
why is it so? i should really start to admire lesbians!
*pouts* can't figure out what guys are thinking.
but all these are vice-versa one lah, so can't blame.
andand i for this small little secret to share.
you know we ladies are troublesome.
we have to spend tons of time dolling up mascara etc.
& we even have to spend time cleansing our makeups.
see how tiring? i take abt 30mins-1hr if i'm going town
and 15mins if i'm going somewhere near just to make up.
please lah i'm already so tired and i still have to clean
all my makeups then can go to sleep.
now i'm going to disclose this secret........
first thing i do is use the biore cleansing oil and quickly
clean my face den i'll use my facial foam to wash my face.
it really works because it doesnt only unclogg your pores blahblah
but if you had a heavy makeup earlier it really helps you to prevent
PIMPLES. bcos in the past i used clean&clear. know what?
next morning i woke up and god damm theres pimples.
so ladies buy neutrogena ~

Friday, October 05, 2007

thats how i loooked like when i studied too much,
laughs! as i promised, i'll blog today (:
because i don't even want to bother about monday's
last paper. POA! fucking hell shit subject.
ahahaa went town today with limdaphnieDORA, elton & peeps
and i saw noel and benji!
awwwwws misss them so much please!
better ask me out uh you bitches :D
okay my results are not-bad.
maths paper one 52/80 paper two 43/60
physics 31.5/50
blog tomoro for details on face ~

Monday, October 01, 2007

i'll be back, this friday.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

fuck this shit. exams are coming.
oh this few days had beeen real tired and busy for me
i've got tuition to attend almost everyday.
sorry peeeps, forget about asking me out for this couple of weeks.
and maths sucks. i really can't get hold of anything eh!
and this thursday my english paper alrdy and down will
all my exams start rolling in.
i can't get the books in my head please whats wrong?!
i really slack-ed too much this year.
days at school = talk+ sleeep+ laugh+ eat
fo the last half year of school. now i really regret uh!
especially for Poa and geog. reallly CMI
kanabeh. i shalll study real hard for the rest10 days!
wake and buck up eileen, you can do it.
blog again when i reallly have the time to. picturessssssssss :D
forget yesterday and i'll make a great escape. changed

Thursday, September 20, 2007

these few days didnt turn very well for me.
i don't know whats becoming of me..
all i do is whine and tear, think and think.
tell me why, why am i so stupid? =/
i realised that i really can't communicate with guys.
& the problem really lies on me.
i'm selfish, i'm dumb and i'm stubborn but why?
why do i have a phobia for guys/ relationships now?
i so worried thinking about questions like
will my next be like the ones i had.
why do i always seeems so unimportant in people's
eyes? i'm so nothing.
& at the very beginning i knew, everything would change
and end up the same.
)'= bye/

Monday, September 17, 2007

life is short why not cherish each other while you can?
don't say about love when you don't mean it
you know, this is serious.

Friday, September 14, 2007

i had beeen feeeling down and disappointed these few days.
just because of the both of you it really spoils my mood.
ohhhhhh girl, forget it man. i'm tired real tired.
i can't and won't bother about your problems anymore.
from that day onwards... yours are yours &
mine are mine. i won't ask you what happpen like i used to.
i'll just pretend i don't know anything and keep my mouth
tightly shut. i think thats the way you like it to be right?
why should you lie to me about that?
oh you meant our friendship is so vulnerable?
oh you're afraid me to know because you think i will
disturb you? then fuck it babe. you don't know me well.
i said i was okay, i act as though i'm all fine with this,
i smile infront of you ppl like i used to.
oh please if you would understand you should know..
this ain't true. fuck you
and another one. oh girl... i loved you so much.
remember whose the one helping you all e while?
i fuckingly bet you don't. oh my.. those words hurts me
alot. why can't you think before you speak?
nevermind... after that incident, i think i know what
i should do. maybe i shouldn't bother you that much
since our grp doesn't dislike you anymore. am i right?
oh you girls no longer need me.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

yay, i've got my red bed cover !
ohhhhh don't ask me why i love red that much please.
sudddenly thought of the past arghhh shit.
nevermind! i'm sick of this =/
post again tomoro.
bye :D

Sunday, September 09, 2007

another post for today,
because 9 is my fav number :D
here i come complaining about LOVE again.
oh lovely, don't feeel sad anymore.
he isin't worth a single penny understand?
time to wake up lovely, this won't go on.
and now all those things came rushing into my head again.
i remembered how people told me.....
"hey Eileen, you know this won't work for the both of you just give it up"
and i could still remember how i reluctantly let go of everything
i put in. now its my turn to tell my friend. how funny can this world be?
things i wanted to tell you people badly:
dear zazilah, you know... h____ is really a goood catch.
see the way he perservere just because of a "yes" from you.
can't you see hes true and serious about you?
stop dragging anymore girl.. go for it ! =)
dear jolene, oh my dear... how long have you beeen ard with
y______ already? what are you still waiting for?
waiting for the sun to fall or the love to fade uh? both of you are like
so close for a period of time already why not give it a try? :D
dear xinhui, this silly sis of mine... always remember, don cry because
of some small things. i really want you to listen, because i've been
through much more then you. All this ain't sweet at all.
follow your heart, do what you want and what you like.
oh yea, and i suddenly don't really understand myself. you see you see..
i can tell people to go for it and give it up. but until now i can really
tell you people, i actually don't have the courage to do so. maybe because
i'm afraid. And stupid ass, please grow up and get a life.
my lovely ain't shit. shes shit. why wanna zaosai her when she treats
you so darn well?
Please tell me why people tends to appreciate and cherish things
around them only when things starts to fade away?
oh mymymy. i'm so sure this time i won't be so dumb anymore.
i really treat love seriously. have you?


Friday, September 07, 2007

its a cute and lovely friday today.
i actually slept at 4am in the morning. again and again i'm rotting at home. roars this shit.
my mum was like darn cute ytd midnight.
we had lots of girls talk we-never-had-before (:
once again i'm starting to love this home of mine.
oh my fuck it, i've got exams coming real sooon starting from
27th of sept. its really time for me to get the books into my head.
and yeayea, my results.
English 74
Maths 50
Chinese 66
Comb Science 56
Comb Humans 60
Principles of Acc NIL
oh nevermind, i'll so continue to work hard.
i want to watch movie ):
and i promise i'll blog very sooon,
bye :D

Sunday, September 02, 2007

love is not something yearned, its something i wished fo.
walking down the streeets i see many sweet couples
at that moment i really wished i'll be so blessed like them.
maybe mum's words are true.
mum said at this age, don't love. bcos there're more outside
mum said at this age, we tend to neglect our studies
mum said at this age, we wouldn't understand each other
mum said at this age, love ain't true.
mum said at this age, i shouldn't have a boyfriend
till i've grown up and matured.
i don't understand why guys come and go in my life.
hmmm, because i'm not goood enough?
maybe? (: laughs. see now i'm making a stupid joke
out of it again. okay, i'm like so bored again.
nevermind i'll occupy myself with something big :D

Friday, August 31, 2007

ohh my god god god can anyone actually believe this?
its a friday and i'm fuckingly stuck at home.
i seriously hate being at home on fridays and weekends.
theres so many many things i wanna do right now!
go kbox and sing my heart out, go shop till i drop &
watch some very scary horror movies!
any takers? i'm like so boredddddd now.
and peeeps really sorry yea, it has been a long time
since i came online. apologise if i neglected some of you.
oh yah, i remember watching 1408 with zilah and jolene.
and people please don't watch that show.
at the beginning its like not-so-bad, middle its like
so-so and what is it all about now?
the ending is fucking lousy doesnt seems to scare
me at all. spent 7 dollars to scare myself but end up
"huhing" about that movie =,=
i'll rate that piece of shit 2 stars please.

Friday, August 24, 2007

i will not be in singapore.

Monday, August 20, 2007

whatever i do, i'm always the one in the wrong.
in your heart, never am i a goood, respectful or a good d_______
yea i'm not your d_______ you don't have a d_______ like me.
oh yea you treat me well? bought me everything i liked?
it has got nothing to do with the relationship between us.
why always got so worked up over small little things?
why does it always have to end up the same?
why can't u just be like d__ who knows how to talk
things over to me nicely even before trying to use his hands?
why are you so unreasonable? why are you so not understanding?
fancy you being my m_____. and i swear i really
hated yesterday. nothing's gonna make me forget what
you did to my phone. why can't you just fuckingly
listen to me. yeayea everything u do is right.
your hands are painful. mine's not mine's not okay?
and whether or not i want to attend school is really
non of your business. i love school so do you have any
problems with it? i'm really getting sick of this h___
of mine. you people will see sometime i'll go crazy
and it'll be time i'll not be h___ and leave for good.

Friday, August 17, 2007

words from me to you people,
Jolene loke: girl uh, u always say i don't love you!
but thats what you think luh actually deep down in my heart
u do matters alot to me. There are times when
i'm really down and didn't know what to do whos there
to help and cheer me up? yes, youuuuuuuu.
i thank god theres you with me dear.
& don't think too much hokay! & u're love :D
Zazilah: girlfriend! haaaaaaaaas who usually accompany
me and make me real happy without any worries?
of course its you lah! i rmb times when we quarrelled
over small lil things. but i'm sure it didnt hurt our
friendship at all. & all the times being with me,
big thanks to you! (;
rowell wifey: girl, although we had not know each other
for long but i really feel the friendship between us.
haaaas, everytime i quarrel with him whos the one
cheering me up and biting me?! YOU LAH!
laughs. See! such a good friend i've got. right? (:
i know u're still feeling upset but i do really hope u'll
not think about it anymore. just like how u told me*
Love Laopo,
Joelyn & Xijie : at times when i'm feeling frustrated and down
u both did crack funny jokes just to make me laugh.
although this year we started to get closer but i really
love times spent with you people.
now both of you are busy studying for exams.
big luck for you! love yea (:
Randolph: hey bitchhhhhh , 3 years of friendship really didnt
went down the drain. i enjoyed crapping with you.
and u really showed me how things work in another
way. i hope that u'll not break your fragile heart anymore!
and yes bitch u're love !
Wanzhuang & Xuanhui: girls uh, no more quarrels hokay?
see life's so much better without those quarrelings!
HAHA, u're both my listeners. whenever i have problems
be it a small or a big one the both of u never fail
to lend me a listening ear and a mouth with jokes.
And And there're people i miss!
wanjoo yanling amelia benji shermaine xueqi simun rowell
yuzhen adeline irene and many more.
those not mentioned are not forgotton too.
thanks you people. this is <3!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

okay dear readers, stop huh-ing. (:
cause i'm really in my school's chinese orchestra
&& i'm in the erhu section. suprising uh?
hokayyyy and i hope u people won't spot me in the photo.
Laughs. oh yah these few days had been prety warm
so dear girlfriends/friends please take care and
drink more water alrights! :D
awww shit, i think i'll fail my EOY exams luh.
because i just realised that my brain had not been working
this year. i seriously don't know anything about
sec 3 work leh! maths = really driving me crazy
science = i don't know whats happening
english = the teacher really suck a big time
chinese = ahaaa learnt nothing?
my conclusion: sec 3 year is honeymoon~
tomoro we'll be having a school trip to macpherson
ite. please let tomoro be a windy day!
oh yahhhh girls! theres this very nice lip gloss
by canmake selling at only $12.90 at watsons
grab it now! (:
& i hope i'll find a goooood man,
update tomorrow~