Wednesday, May 02, 2007

hello, my heart is there please do not take it as and when u like.
cause i ain't the same! understand? %&$%!#@
here comes a big mamaa staying at home for a period of time.
& my days gonna suck a big time. ):
today maths paper one overall i think still alright lah can pass.
but for geog, HAHA DIE LAH~ i see the paper sian already
went to sleep for an hour 15mins wake up last 15mins
anyhow write answers. omfg now i'm worrrying!
i so so shouldnt have done that! =/
so u guys should know combined humans sucks =,=
ahaha! and i think i needa say a sorry to my darling girlfriend
she must be bored to death ytd!
and my dearie came to my house till 11pm! *yays*
hmmmmm, tmr schooling day again!
and the mye continues next wednesday.
i duno wtf my sch is doing lah stupid seh stop the exams halfway =,=
lol~ today went to eat sushi with my darling parents and my girl!
dammmmm full. & i admit now that my mother's a pig.
LOL. she can't seems to feeel full.
morever, shes still my cute little fierce mother(:

hey i misss you :DD

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