Wednesday, May 16, 2007

sometimes i really do wonder what can i do to make you happy
when everything doesn't seeems to be appreciated.
is that what we term as "love" huh?
)= i really want to make you feeel happy and loved .......
*gah* nvm Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
okay lets drop that topic :DDDDDDDDDD
i don't wanna think of disheartening things i wanna be happy.
today went to sing with friends from 2 -6 (:
had fun! && i misss all my primary school mates!
especially people like shermaine, litong, jingwen ++++
okay toooo bad i'm still thinking about the disheartening things =/
telll me what i can do please. ): hai.....
i really wannnna tell u how i feeel so badly, but i don wanna lose you.
so i think i shouldn't say anything and treat you better.
i'm not in the moood to blog about it now.
how long do we hear i love you?

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