Sunday, May 20, 2007

sorrrry yea today not at home can't post any pictures.
so i shall just talk about the past few days :D
all i can remember is... ytd my dear one came my house at 2am(:
ask him come accompany me end up he acccompany me for that 1hr playing o2jam
den my mother ask me go watch the tv programme for abt 5 mins only
den went back to my rooom he sleeeping soundly on my piano cover =,=
gah* how cute my dearie was lah! :DDDDDDDDD
since cab fare got midnight charge so ex my mother just let him stay over
for the night ^^ hahaaaa! papa can't stop mama~
*ROARS* today morning i woke up at 10am thought dear one
wanna go home ask him wake up all he reply was "umm still early"
seee how troublesome guys can get! nevertheless, i still love you hubbby! ^^
LOL. he woke up ard 2 i think... den i quickly got ready & went amk with him.
&& i enjoy the days with you dear<3>
andddddddd i can't wait for 3 weeeks to see you lei darling ):

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