Tuesday, May 08, 2007

thats always how relationship ends; the ending of everything.
=/ sometimes i seriously hope that someone would be in my shoes
and know how i feel. but no one does. sometimes i reallyreally
wonder if u're me how would you feel & what would u do.
i really want to know. because it does cause an impact on me & answer
for all my doubts. i hope i did not place my trust a wrong
way in you! u're trusted 101% ^^
i didn't ask for anything all i ask for is devotion.
& i seriously hope it won't be a short one
or a fling causecause, i'm serious about you.really *
Its you that made me feeel love for the second time,
its you that made me feel jealous again,
its you that made me forget the past,
and its also you that i feeeel a strong love for now.
you shall be the 1st and the last i'll wait for at all the mrt stations
standing on the high heels!
&& i shall apologise for eveything before hand in case
i can't keep it anymore bcos i know i may just blurt it all out.
i've a bad temper and i'm narrow minded ):
but i'm all jealous because i loveee you! not controlling you
alrights! =D
i don't wanna be one of the trend couples.
"if i like you i'll be with you BUT when i see someone better
i shall dumo you and leave you at the most find someone
else only wad, no problem for me one lah."
please everybody. every relationship holds ITS NOT A FLING.
and u guys should know better that girls have a vulnerable heart.
i said before its the moments that counts not the duration.
but now i wonder..................
u're my everything.

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