Thursday, May 10, 2007

you may not realise it. but yea, it has been a weeek.
& i hope there will be more to go ^^
hmmmmm, it has been the 6th torturing day since i last
seeen my dearie. && I MISS & LOVEEE HIM LAH.
haiyo! tomorrow still cannot see him seh. must wait till sat =/
all these exam days are just fucking shit. @#^*#&$!
how i wish that i could just skip this part of my life, schooing
without those scary exams(:
today had a day with my darling girlfriend and my dearmother! <3
hmmmm, suddenly realise that our friendship might
not be as strong as i think how it should be.
u should have seee clearly that i'm the one asking u out
ALL THE TIME. i'm starting to feel irritated & neglected.
after lots of thinking, my conclusion is u're closer to her.
& i won't ask you out anymore.
how our friendship shall be now depends on you already girl.
feeeling abit of the disappointment. &everytime on our anni
i wrote for you things wad did u contribute girl?
i didnt ask for anything just more of the time with me.difficult for you?
i don't wanna it to end. but.......... hai. everything changed.
and MOTHER'S day coming monday shall be a day with her :D
i may show some attitude sometimes lah, i apologise
but its because i care, not any other thing!
i'm spending more and more money and i have no idea why!
i'm missing you here.

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