Saturday, June 30, 2007

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lol, please change the friendship to relationship *laughs*
ya lah ya lah i'm misssssing someone can?
haaaaaaaaaa, these few days had beeen okay our new maths tcher
really really suck x 1000000. he talks like a duck, serious!
and his lessons were boring ain't as interesting as mrs tan's.
yesterday : *claps* for my mid year results, 40/42 in 3a2
percentage for overall = 51.3% =,= oh wow how goood.
my father had beeen nagging at me after since i showed him my results ):
have to buck up already i wouldn't want to be lousy.
today : a veryvery hot day! a time to say fuck to the weather.
afterschool cancelled detention den went to kbox with my girls.
Eugenia, xuanhui, wanzhuang & me :D
hmmmm, really spent a great time with u guys.
friends are no-doubt important in life! treasure them while you can.
ard 5.30 we took 31 back to school for the school syf celebration dinner.
thought we're going to have some goood food.
a big no-no! end up we had beehoon and some sandwiches. LOL
i did something good today. its raining after the dinner
hmmmm should be ard 8pm so banheng went home took an umbrella
and waited for wanzhuang just outside the school gate.
just imagine how sweeet luh~ wanzhuang please luh time to wake up.
xuanhui and me were like influencing wz and we're admiring them!
how sweeeet =/ *winks to wz* HAHAHA
and youuuuuuuu dumb dear one! 6 DAYS SINCE I LAST SEE YOU.
uhhhhh, nvm its okay i understand! ^^
boy i loveeee you the same!
& u should know ur words will meant the world to me :DDDD

Saturday, June 23, 2007

hmmmm, this should be the first photo we took
since the day we started to get closer to each other.
should i say that friendships isin't strong or should i say
all friendships changes?
true enough, i didnt forget how we spend our girls night comforting
each another to sleep, cheer each other up, shop together
& spent wonderful memories together.
but sometimes yes friends do neglect how u feeel.
or should i put it this way, every being put themselves before
anyone? to my only limin mother : u know mother, i'm really
so thankful that u're always the one thats comforting me
& i'll never forget how u came frm ur house to my block
wanting to comfort me just because i was crying.
yes, those memories do hold a part of my heart. thanks loads....<3
sad to say, recently maybe u're having new friends so i may
not really matter to you that much anymore
or maybe just because of a simple reason ; drifting i suppose?
but yea thanks for everything mother, every small little things u do
are so being appreciated. really.
sorrrry been talking about it quite long le back to my post ^^
today... hmmmm, went to cine there for cousin's girls guide carnival.
so bored lahhhhh and u know the weather is not-so-good.
after that joelyn came to meet me cause got one of dear's friend
wanna see her(: den frm 2 ++ we wait till 5++ den go chinatown
for nothing. *laughs* although the atmosphere is not very good
at the beginning luh. yea eventually everything turn out well :D
went to amk with jo and dear meet his friends they see her le
go eat den we take cabbb home. darn ex @#$%*@#&%~!
rahhh* sch reopening le lehhhhh )= won't get to see you that much le
hubhubbbbbbb. but nvm lah weeekends = pohpei day ^^

Friday, June 15, 2007

sorry lahhhh so long didnt blog already cause i'm pure lazy.
ehhhh ya, ytd was my dear one 17th birthday and 4 months since i FIRST
smsed him :D woahhh time do really flies i didnt even know i met him like
so long already lah~ *laughs*
verybigwishesfromwifey for his birthday :
hahahahaha, for him to grow a lil wee bit fattter. LOL
to have goood health ! important*
to excel in his poly studies.
ehhhhh last but not least, last long. heheheh
okay lah, some lame wishes but yes i did really wished for him =D
sorrrry & thankyou because ur birthday u still have to send me to simei.
talking about birthday, i still rmb how boring my birthday was last year
practically everyone is busy and they can't stay out late so end up
i had a very unmeaningful birthday last year )=
suckiest of all~
myyyy girlfriend came my house last night and we talked about her love*
haaaaaaaaaaas girl, u should know what to do already right? *winks*
today i'm a goood girl , i'm staying at home rotting with maggots all ard me =/
okay and i missssssss you lehhhhhhh ):

Saturday, June 09, 2007

today went town with dearie ^^
yea & i enjoyed myself with all his jokes~ love you dearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
okay back to my businesss.
i'm selling branded perfumes ladies; gucci, escada, chanel. guys; polo, boss, ck.
100% authenic. all 100ml ones selling at only $50.
the retailer clearing stock thats why.
please add me in msn if u're interested. other than that i won't entertain unless u're my friend.
payment methods: pay by meetups or banktransfer.
goooods will arrive latest by 5 working days.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

i know u do read my blog.
but theres really somethings i can't keep it within me anymore.
yea its understandable u're having exams and those are really impt in life
but all i feel now is we're both just in named =/
we'll always just see each other once a weeek, talking lesser & lesser,
and yea u don't seems to bother.
yes, the word for this is drifting ain't u worried at all?
truly i am.....
but i'll still keep this love for u strong boy, a promise.
everyweek i'm saying this phrase over and over again
i do miss you very bady. you know?
sometimes i just wanted very badly to tell you how i feel but i know i can't
because i wouldn't want you to think i'm just fussing over small problems
don't want you to think that i'm not understanding.
if only love can be as sweet as how story books define love.
how great will it be?(:
& the love will stay*
i've been staying at home these few days.
ask me out will you?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

you don't need me. do you?

Monday, June 04, 2007

yes, life is fragile and very vulnerable.
so after what happened today, make me learn something.
we should all cherish people around us when we are able to
because u'll never know when he/she will be gone.
shes so beautiful and young
why did she have to die such an early age? its so unfair.
& when its only from the 4th floor!?! ):
although i never had a chance to go out with you
but yes i do miss ur everything now.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

all those unhapppy times are stupid so lets just forget about them!
anddddddd many more to go dear one Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
& thanks for tolerating my *%#^$%^! attitude.
i tooooook a long time just to write that small & sweeeet lil card okay.
gahhhhh* today just went amk to pei my MRPOH ^^
anddddd i love him loads! *laughs*
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Friday, June 01, 2007

something unpleasent happened today. i'm not feeeling great at all.
now i'm wondering...... am i at fault?
lol, back to square one. crying at public for one and a half hour or so.
because i'm not feeeling goood about it i replied 2 words means i'm
showing attitude? i swear i'm not. there were 2 couples there and its an odd number
i felt so left out. =/
nvm about that.. but ur words add to my sadness.
maybe i'm being too sensitive like what u've said before.
but i tried to give in too, didnt i?
i was given two choices.
number 1: leave you alone
number 2: go home and see how it goes.
i choosed number 2.
i didnt want to give up this relationship at all my dear.
maybe what u think is u have many choices and i'm not ur first priority.
but i'm really serioud about it.
no matter what,
i will & still love you as much as how i did.

i neeed you. ):