Sunday, July 29, 2007

big questions running & running round my heart,
many many do's , don'ts, please & cans .
boy, do you still love me?
do u still want to be with me?
do u think that i'm boring?
do i make a sensitive girlfriend?
do you think of me?
do you miss me?
do you still want me?
do you remember me?
boy, don't leave me.
please love me.
please be with me
please don't get sick of me.
please don't think that i'm lousy.
please miss me.
please remember me.
please think of me.
ohh boyboyboy, this is for you.
hubbbbbbbbbbbbbbb, we've beeen together for going threecutemonths.
although we stay far away, but i've never thought of giving up.
i understand feelings do fade. but mine didnt. i swear. although friendster
created manymany probs for us. but everytime we managed to talkthings out.
these few days we hadn't been contacting each other very much.
in the beginning i'm so worried, worried that things gonna change
and might not be the same anymore. i bet u didnt know i'm worried..
but u know i do treat this relationship seriously. i don't want us
to end up like some idiots who plays ard and den forget abt the past and
each other. i've really a question to ask. do u treat us seriously? i'm really
scared. scared that u didnt care. 2 weeeks and a day since i last met you.
i'm really missing your everything badly. although u're a boyfriend who
doesn't say much, but i know deep down yea u do care.
and dear, remember how we met? = friendster.
i added u first cause u looked cute. den came on msn, sms on 2/14
den met up on 3/17 den drag on and *tadar* tgt on 3rd or may. i still
remember the times when we just met. we'll sms throughout the night..
u'll crap with me... and disturb me :D i've beeen like some toot-ers looking
at the past messages u've sent me. they're really so sweeet, cute
and really memorable. and yea not forgetting those testis.
although its abit different now but yea i don't want to think so much.
cause i don't wanna be some really petty and sensitive girls. i want
to bethe girl u once really love and someone whom u won't forget.
i've got so so much to tell you. but we just can't have the chance to see
each other recently. i know u're busy with ur sch work. so i shan't pester
you out with me. school'd important so do i. i really miss you i really do.
i wanna see you. oh yea byyyy, i love those times when u came my house to
stay over. spiderman3, fishing, and dinner with my family.
they're so so unforgettable. u're the first boyfriend i've brought home
so please my dear god let this be a lasting one. because foever never
exist. i love you . and everything never ever change.
attached on o3/o5/o7.

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