Tuesday, September 25, 2007

fuck this shit. exams are coming.
oh this few days had beeen real tired and busy for me
i've got tuition to attend almost everyday.
sorry peeeps, forget about asking me out for this couple of weeks.
and maths sucks. i really can't get hold of anything eh!
and this thursday my english paper alrdy and down will
all my exams start rolling in.
i can't get the books in my head please whats wrong?!
i really slack-ed too much this year.
days at school = talk+ sleeep+ laugh+ eat
fo the last half year of school. now i really regret uh!
especially for Poa and geog. reallly CMI
kanabeh. i shalll study real hard for the rest10 days!
wake and buck up eileen, you can do it.
blog again when i reallly have the time to. picturessssssssss :D
forget yesterday and i'll make a great escape. changed

Thursday, September 20, 2007

these few days didnt turn very well for me.
i don't know whats becoming of me..
all i do is whine and tear, think and think.
tell me why, why am i so stupid? =/
i realised that i really can't communicate with guys.
& the problem really lies on me.
i'm selfish, i'm dumb and i'm stubborn but why?
why do i have a phobia for guys/ relationships now?
i so worried thinking about questions like
will my next be like the ones i had.
why do i always seeems so unimportant in people's
eyes? i'm so nothing.
& at the very beginning i knew, everything would change
and end up the same.
)'= bye/

Monday, September 17, 2007

life is short why not cherish each other while you can?
don't say about love when you don't mean it
you know, this is serious.

Friday, September 14, 2007

i had beeen feeeling down and disappointed these few days.
just because of the both of you it really spoils my mood.
ohhhhhh girl, forget it man. i'm tired real tired.
i can't and won't bother about your problems anymore.
from that day onwards... yours are yours &
mine are mine. i won't ask you what happpen like i used to.
i'll just pretend i don't know anything and keep my mouth
tightly shut. i think thats the way you like it to be right?
why should you lie to me about that?
oh you meant our friendship is so vulnerable?
oh you're afraid me to know because you think i will
disturb you? then fuck it babe. you don't know me well.
i said i was okay, i act as though i'm all fine with this,
i smile infront of you ppl like i used to.
oh please if you would understand you should know..
this ain't true. fuck you
and another one. oh girl... i loved you so much.
remember whose the one helping you all e while?
i fuckingly bet you don't. oh my.. those words hurts me
alot. why can't you think before you speak?
nevermind... after that incident, i think i know what
i should do. maybe i shouldn't bother you that much
since our grp doesn't dislike you anymore. am i right?
oh you girls no longer need me.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

yay, i've got my red bed cover !
ohhhhh don't ask me why i love red that much please.
sudddenly thought of the past arghhh shit.
nevermind! i'm sick of this =/
post again tomoro.
bye :D

Sunday, September 09, 2007

another post for today,
because 9 is my fav number :D
here i come complaining about LOVE again.
oh lovely, don't feeel sad anymore.
he isin't worth a single penny understand?
time to wake up lovely, this won't go on.
and now all those things came rushing into my head again.
i remembered how people told me.....
"hey Eileen, you know this won't work for the both of you just give it up"
and i could still remember how i reluctantly let go of everything
i put in. now its my turn to tell my friend. how funny can this world be?
things i wanted to tell you people badly:
dear zazilah, you know... h____ is really a goood catch.
see the way he perservere just because of a "yes" from you.
can't you see hes true and serious about you?
stop dragging anymore girl.. go for it ! =)
dear jolene, oh my dear... how long have you beeen ard with
y______ already? what are you still waiting for?
waiting for the sun to fall or the love to fade uh? both of you are like
so close for a period of time already why not give it a try? :D
dear xinhui, this silly sis of mine... always remember, don cry because
of some small things. i really want you to listen, because i've been
through much more then you. All this ain't sweet at all.
follow your heart, do what you want and what you like.
oh yea, and i suddenly don't really understand myself. you see you see..
i can tell people to go for it and give it up. but until now i can really
tell you people, i actually don't have the courage to do so. maybe because
i'm afraid. And stupid ass, please grow up and get a life.
my lovely ain't shit. shes shit. why wanna zaosai her when she treats
you so darn well?
Please tell me why people tends to appreciate and cherish things
around them only when things starts to fade away?
oh mymymy. i'm so sure this time i won't be so dumb anymore.
i really treat love seriously. have you?


Friday, September 07, 2007

its a cute and lovely friday today.
i actually slept at 4am in the morning. again and again i'm rotting at home. roars this shit.
my mum was like darn cute ytd midnight.
we had lots of girls talk we-never-had-before (:
once again i'm starting to love this home of mine.
oh my fuck it, i've got exams coming real sooon starting from
27th of sept. its really time for me to get the books into my head.
and yeayea, my results.
English 74
Maths 50
Chinese 66
Comb Science 56
Comb Humans 60
Principles of Acc NIL
oh nevermind, i'll so continue to work hard.
i want to watch movie ):
and i promise i'll blog very sooon,
bye :D

Sunday, September 02, 2007

love is not something yearned, its something i wished fo.
walking down the streeets i see many sweet couples
at that moment i really wished i'll be so blessed like them.
maybe mum's words are true.
mum said at this age, don't love. bcos there're more outside
mum said at this age, we tend to neglect our studies
mum said at this age, we wouldn't understand each other
mum said at this age, love ain't true.
mum said at this age, i shouldn't have a boyfriend
till i've grown up and matured.
i don't understand why guys come and go in my life.
hmmm, because i'm not goood enough?
maybe? (: laughs. see now i'm making a stupid joke
out of it again. okay, i'm like so bored again.
nevermind i'll occupy myself with something big :D