Sunday, September 09, 2007

here i come complaining about LOVE again.
oh lovely, don't feeel sad anymore.
he isin't worth a single penny understand?
time to wake up lovely, this won't go on.
and now all those things came rushing into my head again.
i remembered how people told me.....
"hey Eileen, you know this won't work for the both of you just give it up"
and i could still remember how i reluctantly let go of everything
i put in. now its my turn to tell my friend. how funny can this world be?
things i wanted to tell you people badly:
dear zazilah, you know... h____ is really a goood catch.
see the way he perservere just because of a "yes" from you.
can't you see hes true and serious about you?
stop dragging anymore girl.. go for it ! =)
dear jolene, oh my dear... how long have you beeen ard with
y______ already? what are you still waiting for?
waiting for the sun to fall or the love to fade uh? both of you are like
so close for a period of time already why not give it a try? :D
dear xinhui, this silly sis of mine... always remember, don cry because
of some small things. i really want you to listen, because i've been
through much more then you. All this ain't sweet at all.
follow your heart, do what you want and what you like.
oh yea, and i suddenly don't really understand myself. you see you see..
i can tell people to go for it and give it up. but until now i can really
tell you people, i actually don't have the courage to do so. maybe because
i'm afraid. And stupid ass, please grow up and get a life.
my lovely ain't shit. shes shit. why wanna zaosai her when she treats
you so darn well?
Please tell me why people tends to appreciate and cherish things
around them only when things starts to fade away?
oh mymymy. i'm so sure this time i won't be so dumb anymore.
i really treat love seriously. have you?


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