Friday, October 19, 2007

okay, please ah i'm really sick this time. ahhhh fever again!
& know what? i think theres something wrong with my com.
its dammm slow. should be some virus(s) again =/
did i present my results to you guys? =)
English 70
Maths 69.2
Comb Sci 63
Chinese 61
Comb humans 47
Poa 22
sorry, but i really suck at poa. i have no idea why!
i'm a good momma's girl today, bcos i didnt go anywhere
except for trimming my eyebrows and fringe (:
Jolene and her boyfriend came my house. oh damm
stop being so sweet infront of me please. don't make me jealous!
laughs. i wonder if anyone would dote on me like how
jolene's boyfriend do? *pouts*
nevermind, anyway i'll be very independent.
so mom, don't be worried at all. cause i've grown up.
& dad, don't worry cause i know who i'm mixing with and
what i'm doing. ; your dearest daughter.
define lust

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