Monday, October 15, 2007

two months ago your heart + my heart.
two months later mine's non of yours.
stucked at home for the whole day. because i'm bored,
i went to read all my past post. laughs how funny?
i'm reminded of what happpen just 2 months ago.
here i am sitting at the same chair and computer
blogging. but, in a different way i supposed?
and because of all those thoughts that came rushing back,
i felt very disheartening. whats more when his
friends kept reminding me of what happen?
today was my first time watching 200 pounds beauty
and i can clearly remember why i didnt watch it in
the cinema 2 months ago.
- i was grounded for a couple of weeks didn't manage to
meet him up. end up he went to watch with his friends
if i didnt rmb it wrongly. LOL
but now i'm happy just like how i used to. (:
okay, went to east coast yesterday with ______
played pool, eat and cycled. laughs
not really in the moood eh. i'll blog again.

i'm vulnerable. so?

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