Thursday, October 11, 2007

what the hell. i'm really tired today!
went town with kapo for balls of fury at cine.
& the show is darn funny. had been laughing non-stop
but i think hes even worse. laughs! gahgahgah.
after that went fareast to walk around and saw mother
and winnie. meet you guys up soon okay!
YAY. we had our dinner at TCC. (my fav)
i had beef mozza tofu and he had ______ chicken.
i rate the foood there 5stars please. they're really
very nice. oh ya, we've been crapping non stop in the mrt
and i guessed alot of aunties thought we're crazy
bcos our laughter's really loud.
********** we alighted at simei and continue crapping
while eating icecream. haha! how great can my day be?

when life's going very

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