Monday, November 05, 2007


finally, i understand what is working...
working is not fun at all, its just super tiring. serious,
no joke. but i don't deny, working at shu uemura really
teaches me alot of things. especially when its at tangs,
town area we get to see alot of different kinds of people.
for example : really friendly ones or those super fussy ones.
this job really let me experience more about makeups which
are my all-time-favourites. let me elaborate more on it now..
first day ; report to work at 12.15 was really shy
and met the first senior i knew, she was 19 named melissa
shes really a nice girl though. Annie a senior too taught me
all about shu uemura's products & 300jie told me all
their prices which i took around 1/2 a day to memorise.
oh ya! and the stock was horrible. imagine eyeshadow we
have more den 50 colours how to find? and you have to
remember all the places where they'll keep the specific
piece cause you'll have to attend to the customer,
take the stock from the cardboard and even write the
receipt. i think you guys should know some tai-tais are
really so hard to satisfy. laughs! today ;
even worse. all my seniors have to attend a course so
my shift from 10-3.30 i'm like all alone! think about
how busy i am today. haha! now even if i close my eyes
i'll remember all their prices. & i think i'll be working
again very sooon. don't ask me why i can work there
because me myself don't have any idea too. :D
shu uemura is love.

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