Monday, December 31, 2007

okay finallly i'm fifteeeeeeeeeeen. i've been waiting!
presents received: cosmetics, sk jewellery, perfume,
bracelet, "angbaos" and a RED psp okay.
i'm veryyyyyyyyyyyyy happppy. & will be going out
with my clique later! oh ya replies to tags here.
passerby: the title of the song "love you so"
raymond-aloha: thanks buddddy a toad. love
liping: thanks alot! (:
vanessa: laughs how nice of you.. yea waited for yrs(:
cher: okay i'll be clever alrdy! i try my best thanks :D
passerby: i use clean and clear foaming, shu uemura
cleansing oil and clarins cleasing milk to clean my face..
followed by neutrogena toner den moisture my face.
and i'm using dueba one year lenses (:
efah: hey darling... thanks alot for being with me okay!
nicole: thanks girl..
adee: thansk alot primary best mate :D love yah
qilong: thanks di (:

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