Monday, December 24, 2007

ps: get ready for some randommmmm pictures
so sorrrry readers, theres really many more to upload
but i've beeen really busy these few days.
but i'm gooood cause i actually blog on the 24th instead
of 25th. laughs
so......... ITS CHRISTMAS EVE.
to everyone who reads this. i hope the new year begins
happpily and fat-free. okay, so whatever =,=
oh...... & its another peaceful christmas this time.
but i've got activities for tomorrow!
going to SS's house with everyone of them
and later on off to david's house with our sch's clique.
conclusion: i'll have pretty much fun this year. i guessed?
i asked santa for love, care& concern.
i wonder what he'll give me this time round.
oh yea, my birthday is coming.
on the 31st.

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