Wednesday, January 30, 2008

part one of the japan's trip.

stay tuned for more of the japan's post.
theres like 3481562492035 pictures in my com but i
couldn't post it up all at a time bcos i've to keep my readers
entertained 24/7 right?oh yea, thousands of pictures of myself!
laughs. okay i'm sick like again.. ROARS.
bad sorethroat and flu this time round so.... no school
for Eileen today yayness. it has beeen ages since i reallly
caught up with my friends. ): but no worries.. i'm sure after
my Ns i'll be god damm free and i really miss you guys now.
let me talk about some things den. School-
ahhhhh still as tiring, bored and really dislike it!
hoping that i'll quickly get over Ns and enjoy my holidays.
Friends- slightly better now.. everyone is almost back on
the path & most of all no conflicts till now which i felt happy.
life- still the same... being single is what i like and dislike
carefree but a the same time lonely. however, i've learnt
how to appreciate things ard me so i don't think i really need
someone with me that much afterall. OH YAHHHHHH
my mum and me bought chanel cosmetics and its darn nice!
although we spent like 300+ on that ): i'll post the pics
on that soon! be patient. i'll blog tomorrow~
& this cute guy.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

yay blogging tomorrow.

Friday, January 25, 2008

okay some random pictures. just take a look and you'll know where its taken (:
home obviously. what a luck, i wanted to post pictures that
i took in japan but it actually took like duck2857 years to upload.
so forget about it! maybe someday when my comp is in good
moood i guess. seeen the picture? stop smoking peeeps
its bad for health! - upon watching how my schoolmates took
their results, somehow i felt tension in me for the first time
in my secondary school days. Maybe because i'm starting to
worry for my future? N & Os ain't those playing matter i'm really
worried if i couldn't get to the course i'm planning to go for.
what would become into me? seriously i salute those people
who actually manage to score like what 3As? i'm impressed!
i've seen how they hug & cried tgt deliriously with joy.
think its time for me to measure every step i take scrupulously
i wouldnt want to end up making mistakes that i'll regret for.
guess what? i'm home today sucha goood girl!
okay i'll blog very sooon once i have more pictures alright!
egotism kills men.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

sorry readers see whats the time now and i'm still blogging!
i kept my promise (; please compromise with my blogging
routine. because i'm almost away during the weekdays.
ahhhhhh school's darn tiring and irritating i wonder how
i'm going to cope with this year's work reallly stress!
i'll blogg about more things tomorrow :/

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

yayxszxs manymany pictures taken today.
BUT. i'll be having tuition from 6pm till late...........
cause goood things have to wait.
hopefullly by tonight or tomoro PROMISEXZXZ ;D
wait for me!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

hello randyyyyyy bitch. your photo uploaded on my nice lil
blog. BE HAPPPPPPPPY! anyw readers, not alot of pics
to upload this few days. due to the overwhelming results
from the dog - bibeeee's pictures and alvin's picture, i'll
promise to take tons of cute photos and post it as soon as
possible. oh yea, i watched the cloverfield on thurs if i'm not wrong
and i'll rate it3.5/5 cause the ending is like wtf !%*&%*?
HAHAH! den ytd went coffeeclub to visit daryl and lam
den home i go for my cousins. feelings- can anyone tell
me why people just don't change and find it difficile to
cherish things around them? why no one ever thought
or the consequences on how you'll hurt the person
upon doing things in such a way? mayb god should
diminish their brains and heart so they don't need
any relations. whatever.
reply to tags!
conway: laughs. link me up den
zak: yea 15 (:
kaixin: you stay cute too! been so long since i last saw you..
change link? give me the adddy i'll change it (:
joo: of course lah! that dog's my favourite wifer.
wennnn: tampines 800++
yangyang: sorry eh don't like using friendster that much already
and i'm quite busy these few days. (:
baobao: thanks! stay prettty !
clare: helllo xiaomei. i'll link you up. missss you!
wanzhuang: relinked. =)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

let the pictures do the talking bcos i'm reallly tired these
few days with school.. its like not enough rest at all.
YAWNS. oh yah! thats my cousin. i swear hes the cutest
though too playful. i taught him those faces and he really
did it in a cute and amusing way readers (:
really sorry for not being online and updating my blog
this week! cause i'm like having hardcore tuition and
schoool. please be understanding okay!
i'm reallly guilty... so i'll post a veery long one sooon.
ps: with nice pictures too.
WAIT FOR ME READERS! off to tuition <3

Thursday, January 10, 2008

i advice teeenages under 15 don't read this.

i don't know what this person is trying to do..
hes really disgusting. but anyw, just for entertainment
purposes here. sorry but i'm lazy to post today
as what i promised.. cause i'm performing for my school's
chinese orchestra tomorrow. know what? i didnt
even practice anything for the whole 2 months.
god knows what will tomorrow's performance
turn out like. maybe shitty.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

it has been ages since i last scolded a bad word..
but i think i can't help it anymore! ASSSHOLE BLOGGER
#%*&!(*($(% i was posting up my japan and batam pictures
and suddenly a window pops out and states-
"error. unable to contact blogger" wtf?!
wasted like more then 20 mins waiting for the pictures.
roarsssssss. okay enough of my complaining..
i'll blog all the pictures very soon! so stay tune alright (:
anyw, i didn't go school today bcos i'm just tooo tired.
so when to meet sharon and eugenia at tm ard 1.30
shop ard and went tution till eh...... oh 6!
so on and so forth den ----> raffles hospital to visit boris.
okay i'm bored now...... & i miss my friends.

Monday, January 07, 2008

this is for the dog i love the most! - Bibeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
so sad that shes rather old already.. ):
shes down with cataract on her eyes and needs operation.
its the 13th year i'm with bibeeeee and i hope she'll
live on happily. with love bibeeee<333333
okay back to the main topic. ahhhhhhhhh! its really
stressful for me this year. particularly because of my N lvls..
those readers who didnt know, yea imma NA student(:
i really wanna do well for my N & O lvls! i only came
to realise that its reallly important now.
hope it isin't too late yea? know what? i'll be having
my chem test this weeek. & it determines whether i'll
be required to attend the remedial class from
anyway... things reallly changed alot. realise that
the grp of girls ain't what we are anymore.
remember the time we'll cry for each other when
we're feeling sad? remember we'll fight for our rights
with anyone that crossed our lines? remember us
being so united that we had dates for each of us
to return our plates? wheres all these now?
i don't see such things anymore.. all i see now,
are just a bunch of girls with no unity, no words
and no moments to share. why? why no one remembers
how we shared our joy? why no one remember the
bonding we had? why everyone is turning their back
away? why am i the only one who realise it now?
do you guys really wanna spend the 2 years this way?
if i would be able to turn
the time... i'll make it back to 2006. bcos, thats the
time i really enjoyed with you girls.. seriously,
the bonding i shared with you girls was the best.
will things go back the same for the 7 of us?
know what? girls, i really love you babes alot......<3

Sunday, January 06, 2008

i'll blog later. (:

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

okay more and more pictures coming! yay~
ps: eh yifu! please come and grab your photo yourself(:
anyw, theres loads of pictures took with regina& i love it.
okay went to esplanade ytd with our clique for the damm
fireworks. seriously i think the whole singapore became
united and went there yesterday. cause its just too..
crowded! i think no more fireworks for me next year
i reallly can't stand the crowd, no joke.
although nothing much for my birthday this year but
i do enjoy the time with our clique alot okay!
cause they've beeen the one cheering me up during
my hardest time! THANKS A TOAD TO ALL OF YOU!
oh yea, den at raffles mrt station we saw eugenia
and yinyou. thats the reason why theres a picture of
me and eugenia (:
blog again when sch reopens.. which is tomorrow :D