Saturday, January 19, 2008

hello randyyyyyy bitch. your photo uploaded on my nice lil
blog. BE HAPPPPPPPPY! anyw readers, not alot of pics
to upload this few days. due to the overwhelming results
from the dog - bibeeee's pictures and alvin's picture, i'll
promise to take tons of cute photos and post it as soon as
possible. oh yea, i watched the cloverfield on thurs if i'm not wrong
and i'll rate it3.5/5 cause the ending is like wtf !%*&%*?
HAHAH! den ytd went coffeeclub to visit daryl and lam
den home i go for my cousins. feelings- can anyone tell
me why people just don't change and find it difficile to
cherish things around them? why no one ever thought
or the consequences on how you'll hurt the person
upon doing things in such a way? mayb god should
diminish their brains and heart so they don't need
any relations. whatever.
reply to tags!
conway: laughs. link me up den
zak: yea 15 (:
kaixin: you stay cute too! been so long since i last saw you..
change link? give me the adddy i'll change it (:
joo: of course lah! that dog's my favourite wifer.
wennnn: tampines 800++
yangyang: sorry eh don't like using friendster that much already
and i'm quite busy these few days. (:
baobao: thanks! stay prettty !
clare: helllo xiaomei. i'll link you up. missss you!
wanzhuang: relinked. =)

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