Friday, February 29, 2008

i don't deny that i have a high-forehead & look ugly (part I)

hello readers! i misss you guys alot. & just realise
that i hadnt been updating my post for this weeeeek!
again & again, very sorrry cause i'm like having tuitions! (:
oh yea, i've gottten my results somehow felt okay about it
but still a little disappointed though, cause i felt that i can
do better then what i've acheived this time. sighs!
be warned for Eileen poh's results!
English: 65 B3
Maths: 58 c5 =((((((((((((
Physics: 64 B4
Chemistry: 93 A1 =)))))))))
therefore, combined science: 79 A1 :DDDDDD
geog: 13/30 =(
Social studies: 13/25
therefore, combined humans: 48 D7 =((((((((
chinese: 64 b4
Poa: 5 U =((((((((((( laughs!
okay now i know Eileen's actuallly quite dumb lah!
yay. gonnna relax myself today! watching movie with eugenia
and sharon later. beeen a long long time since i last really
relax myself.. & i don't know why people don't believe me.
i really don't have time for myself and i cant commmit to
my cca and even my piano lessons but what can i do?
i can't possibly cut myself up to pieces to satisfy you guys right?
can you guys try to stand in my shoes and know how i feel?
i know my impression towards you guys are just like
"hey Eileen wouldnt make it for her studies one lah & she'll
never change to those who study" right? sighs.
alright enough of the emo-ing. i'm a happpy girl.
therefore, i'll blog this weekend with many manyxzxzx..
picturesxz :D

Friday, February 22, 2008

chanel's cosmetics overview.
due to some problems, please don be lazy read it from
the bottom of this post because i uploaded the pictures
in the wrong sequence. ps: i not selling it just introducing
it for entertainment/women purposes.
step4 - very smooth natural & fine finish, normally apply it
as a sub of the loosepowder. love the way that it doesnt looks
like you had loads of makeups on! price $67 step3- ohhhhh! i absolutely love this the most! the loosepowder
makes my face like almost flawless after applying it. it also smoothen
your complexion. natural finish too (: price $69 step2- personallly, i don't really adore this. reason, i feel my pores
clogging up after applying this. but the after effect with the combi
of others is totally perfect! price $75

step1- this acts as a very light sunblock base mostly to cover up uneven skin tonesbest about it is... its really those light ones! not like those where you'll make yourmakeups look thick! price $72

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

chinese new year- part 2
bebe's best friend, pepper (:
okay readers i'm not crapping but seriously i wanted
to blog about chanel today. how unlucky~ bcos my digital
cam batt low..sighs. please sweeetie pies stop asking me
whether bebe or whatsoever is are real dogs anot!
because i won't be so free to play with those stuffed toys &
even bother to take pictures with them! (:
still suffering from severe moodswings that kept my mind
occupied almost every minute. oh yea! i've gotten the maths
paper results i've taken today... pathetic 20/35
but at the same time feel elated because i actually didnt
score a what? 9/30? seriously degraceful.
dear readers, a happpy weeek ahead! LOVE.
continuous struggles killling me &
i'll blog sooon

Friday, February 15, 2008

Chinese new year photos -Part 1

hello readers, i finally found myself a day to really
relax and blog about my life! it has been really really
stress for me recently... having quite alot of tuitions.
& kept crying in school for nuts man. :/ seriously i'm
feeling stress now......i hope i'll quickly get over this
2 years so i won't have to fret over all those damm exams.
laughs okay people say hello to my sucky valentine's day!
i spent it in school and had tuition. WOW a nice one
for me this year. i swear next year's not gonna be like that
manzxzxzxzx! starting from monday i'll be having
my common test week alrdy i'm worried! but this time
i know i have to help myself....(study)*
going over grandma's house sooooooon and
thereafter off to sharon's house both for gambling.
READERS! please bear with me i'll blog more frequently
when i really have the time to rest k?(:
moooody. & i think i enjoy your........

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

due to my veryvery busy schedule,
I'll post all my new year photos tomorrow.
reason: i'm having tuitions everyday bcos
i've got 9/30 for maths. say hello to the dumby
now.. i'm really stupid! ):
valentine's coming and i gonna celebrate with
my girlfriends! & guess what?
i actually cried manymany times today manxzxzzxzxz!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

sorry for this
with eugeniaaaaaaaaaaaaa (:
hello sarah, you're here (:
hello readers i'm here to blog again (: sorry for not
updating! i've been busy shopping and wasting my money away.
spend this week fruitfully.. had lots of fun and laughter.
love spending my days away with my friends! but i miss
many many people! i neeeed the drive to fufill lotsa things
i'm suppose to do! HOWWW MANXZ. okay back to the sub.
another new year unfolds but i realise i didn't achieve any
commitments/things i want to have/do. i don't know why
at this point of time i'm still so lazy i really hate this!
& i feel very bad now... cause i did something selfish to
someone i supposed. i'm so sorry but i don't know what i can
do about that :/ anyway, happpy new year to all my dearies
& readers! you guys are the apples in my eyes alright!
upcoming post: as what i promised, the chanel cosmetics
i bought and will tell you guys the pros and cons abt
them (: be patient! will be posted by 8th-10th.

Friday, February 01, 2008

there's some errror so i couldnt combine this post with the
pictures. so readers, please don't be lazy! after finish reading,
scroll down thanks! Laughs! wanted to post some pictures
of myself but came across Alvin&hisbro pictures so i couldnt bear
but to leave my pictures rotting in the files and upload theirs up!
okay ppl, please clap your hands because school's a total
nightmare today. words do spreads quickly, damm you justin.
Don't worry. because i'm not a petty person (: oh yea, there's
this girl named i____ who's like so darn crazy over justin lah!
she kept asking loads of questions about him. of course it's
irritating but at the same time, fun though. LAUGHS TO YOU.
i'm having tuition from 6+ to 11 later so shouldnt be online
or going out ): it has beeen so long since i last chilled with my
peeps manzxzxz! i've been a really goood girl recently... going
for tuitions, doing my own work, piano lessons and practicing
piano! sucha goood girl right! Eileen's no longer the same!
i'm really stressing over the modelling thing... mayb i shouldnt
even consider at all.
& oh my god. you knew! shitzx
back due to popular demands! ALVIN & HIS BROTHER ALDEN

i'm so sorry but i didnt do this purposely