Friday, February 22, 2008

chanel's cosmetics overview.
due to some problems, please don be lazy read it from
the bottom of this post because i uploaded the pictures
in the wrong sequence. ps: i not selling it just introducing
it for entertainment/women purposes.
step4 - very smooth natural & fine finish, normally apply it
as a sub of the loosepowder. love the way that it doesnt looks
like you had loads of makeups on! price $67 step3- ohhhhh! i absolutely love this the most! the loosepowder
makes my face like almost flawless after applying it. it also smoothen
your complexion. natural finish too (: price $69 step2- personallly, i don't really adore this. reason, i feel my pores
clogging up after applying this. but the after effect with the combi
of others is totally perfect! price $75

step1- this acts as a very light sunblock base mostly to cover up uneven skin tonesbest about it is... its really those light ones! not like those where you'll make yourmakeups look thick! price $72

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