Tuesday, February 19, 2008

chinese new year- part 2
bebe's best friend, pepper (:
okay readers i'm not crapping but seriously i wanted
to blog about chanel today. how unlucky~ bcos my digital
cam batt low..sighs. please sweeetie pies stop asking me
whether bebe or whatsoever is are real dogs anot!
because i won't be so free to play with those stuffed toys &
even bother to take pictures with them! (:
still suffering from severe moodswings that kept my mind
occupied almost every minute. oh yea! i've gotten the maths
paper results i've taken today... pathetic 20/35
but at the same time feel elated because i actually didnt
score a what? 9/30? seriously degraceful.
dear readers, a happpy weeek ahead! LOVE.
continuous struggles killling me &
i'll blog sooon

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