Friday, February 15, 2008

Chinese new year photos -Part 1

hello readers, i finally found myself a day to really
relax and blog about my life! it has been really really
stress for me recently... having quite alot of tuitions.
& kept crying in school for nuts man. :/ seriously i'm
feeling stress now......i hope i'll quickly get over this
2 years so i won't have to fret over all those damm exams.
laughs okay people say hello to my sucky valentine's day!
i spent it in school and had tuition. WOW a nice one
for me this year. i swear next year's not gonna be like that
manzxzxzxzx! starting from monday i'll be having
my common test week alrdy i'm worried! but this time
i know i have to help myself....(study)*
going over grandma's house sooooooon and
thereafter off to sharon's house both for gambling.
READERS! please bear with me i'll blog more frequently
when i really have the time to rest k?(:
moooody. & i think i enjoy your........

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