Friday, February 29, 2008

i don't deny that i have a high-forehead & look ugly (part I)

hello readers! i misss you guys alot. & just realise
that i hadnt been updating my post for this weeeeek!
again & again, very sorrry cause i'm like having tuitions! (:
oh yea, i've gottten my results somehow felt okay about it
but still a little disappointed though, cause i felt that i can
do better then what i've acheived this time. sighs!
be warned for Eileen poh's results!
English: 65 B3
Maths: 58 c5 =((((((((((((
Physics: 64 B4
Chemistry: 93 A1 =)))))))))
therefore, combined science: 79 A1 :DDDDDD
geog: 13/30 =(
Social studies: 13/25
therefore, combined humans: 48 D7 =((((((((
chinese: 64 b4
Poa: 5 U =((((((((((( laughs!
okay now i know Eileen's actuallly quite dumb lah!
yay. gonnna relax myself today! watching movie with eugenia
and sharon later. beeen a long long time since i last really
relax myself.. & i don't know why people don't believe me.
i really don't have time for myself and i cant commmit to
my cca and even my piano lessons but what can i do?
i can't possibly cut myself up to pieces to satisfy you guys right?
can you guys try to stand in my shoes and know how i feel?
i know my impression towards you guys are just like
"hey Eileen wouldnt make it for her studies one lah & she'll
never change to those who study" right? sighs.
alright enough of the emo-ing. i'm a happpy girl.
therefore, i'll blog this weekend with many manyxzxzx..
picturesxz :D

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