Wednesday, February 06, 2008

sorry for this
with eugeniaaaaaaaaaaaaa (:
hello sarah, you're here (:
hello readers i'm here to blog again (: sorry for not
updating! i've been busy shopping and wasting my money away.
spend this week fruitfully.. had lots of fun and laughter.
love spending my days away with my friends! but i miss
many many people! i neeeed the drive to fufill lotsa things
i'm suppose to do! HOWWW MANXZ. okay back to the sub.
another new year unfolds but i realise i didn't achieve any
commitments/things i want to have/do. i don't know why
at this point of time i'm still so lazy i really hate this!
& i feel very bad now... cause i did something selfish to
someone i supposed. i'm so sorry but i don't know what i can
do about that :/ anyway, happpy new year to all my dearies
& readers! you guys are the apples in my eyes alright!
upcoming post: as what i promised, the chanel cosmetics
i bought and will tell you guys the pros and cons abt
them (: be patient! will be posted by 8th-10th.

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