Friday, February 01, 2008

there's some errror so i couldnt combine this post with the
pictures. so readers, please don't be lazy! after finish reading,
scroll down thanks! Laughs! wanted to post some pictures
of myself but came across Alvin&hisbro pictures so i couldnt bear
but to leave my pictures rotting in the files and upload theirs up!
okay ppl, please clap your hands because school's a total
nightmare today. words do spreads quickly, damm you justin.
Don't worry. because i'm not a petty person (: oh yea, there's
this girl named i____ who's like so darn crazy over justin lah!
she kept asking loads of questions about him. of course it's
irritating but at the same time, fun though. LAUGHS TO YOU.
i'm having tuition from 6+ to 11 later so shouldnt be online
or going out ): it has beeen so long since i last chilled with my
peeps manzxzxz! i've been a really goood girl recently... going
for tuitions, doing my own work, piano lessons and practicing
piano! sucha goood girl right! Eileen's no longer the same!
i'm really stressing over the modelling thing... mayb i shouldnt
even consider at all.
& oh my god. you knew! shitzx

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