Monday, April 21, 2008

Eileen part II. random pictures.
yes, i'm a very lousy person. i can't do anything well
i don't know whether this is a nicely planned chronic life
by you or by me. i don't understand what i did wrong.
thanks to you, making me so eccentric nowadays.
my life is totally screwed okay? maybe i should totally
change my lifestyle.. into someone, someone nobody
can recognize. i wonder just when can i take a break.
i'm already feeeling so stressed up for exams and
i'm so god dammm sick. Yet, you gave me nothing
but another head-heartache. it has beeen ages since i
last scold anyone the F word & i feeel very guilty.
however, after so much i've said, so much scoldings,
yes, i still cant forget you. don't worry, i'll make it
a point to do so sooon.. and i hope i'm able to make it
if it really makes you happpy. people, stop buggging me
i neeed a break, i need to enjoy my life but i don't
feeel like talking.

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