Monday, April 28, 2008

Happpy belated birthday my dear <3
look retard here =,=
need not explain myself and smart readers should have
noticed that we truely love ourselves. & these are only one small
part of the cam-whoring alright. I was deliriously smiling while
uploading all these cute pictures i took with baby!
YES, i've cut my fringe. I think i look kinda like a small girl!
It's alright, i love myself though. Mum had been very antipathic
about me going out during mid year period BUT,
indeeed her sweetest daughter here have shown her some
beautiful results! i've been looking forward to my english results
and here they are... 2nd in class, 67/80 * triple claps *
although i was quite shocked about it lahhhhhhhhhh.
of course this happy girl hopped home and told her dad the
results yet, her evil dad gainsay that hers was good enough!
ROARS. hopefully, all the others will be as goood.
after Mye, i wannna work for my wallet before the holes
are going to burn it okay! any recommendations you can email

you me you me you.

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