Sunday, April 27, 2008

hello readers, here i am at Eugenia's house blogging.
three claps for me as you can see, i'm loyal to my blog.
oh yea, yesterday was the big ass's birthday & she've got
a truck load of presents! nbxzxzxzxzxzzxzxzxzxzx.
however, i think she really enjoyed yesterday yea?
and hahahahaha be prepared for many photos alright!
I really hope this very tedious period of my life is going
to blurred through quickly leh! how i hope i'm not in the
N.A stream manxzxzxz. I missed those times when
i need not fret about studies, relationship and cash.
but now, back to reality. Everyone have to face it.
that day, this particular teacher said something about me
and i felt that it was very true.
She: as from what i see, you're the kind of girl that needs
alot of attention and someone that is willing to give in
to you. BINGO! but seriously, there are times i give in
to. you guys just haven't see the side of Eileen.
& you know what? i miss you.

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