Wednesday, April 02, 2008

random shots [part II]
model to be. - alvin :D
smiling happpily.. taken by..EUGENIA THE GREAT BABY!
hello dear readers (: everyone should buy me a drink
because i actually blog consecutively twice.
i still have alot of random shots of eugenia baby.
gonna post all up someday... *evil grins* you wait & see ok!
hmmm i've been think whether i should go to that trip anot.
any comments? somehow feel like shopping leh.
kinda pissed. don't know why my number is being circulated
around. whoever you are, please stop it. it's really frustrating.
actually to be truthful, i don't have anything interesting to
post about.. but i have a few questions for everyone.
1. how do you know that you really like that person?
2. how can you be sure that the person likes you?
3. how long can you wait for someone?
laughs. just being random lah. find these few questions
interesting. if you really know how, please don't be shy
to tag. oh yea, so anyone interested in the make up
artistry diploma yet? & please give me advice on what
you guys like to read about (:

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