Tuesday, April 01, 2008

reminiscential photos of Eileen when she's young [part 1]
1 year old. (with red nails =,=)
K1 (: i thought i loook so shy man...
[2nd from the left]

k2. didnt have a class photo as i was absent.
primary 1. with one of my bestfriends adeline :D [2nd frm left]
primary 2. my favourite tcher! [2nd from the right]

Readers, i know its kinda shocking for you guys to see the young
Eileen. anyway i still have alot of photos right up to till i'm like pri 6?
some ugly ones to be honest. Laughs! & 3 claps fo Eileen today.
because shes able to finallly blog again. Oh yes! i have a high forehead
i know... stop commenting about it please. whats more worse is having
mrs cross back to check that our hair is neatly clipped up daily :/
oh ya. i've got something important to ask.
Please tell me if any one of you are interested in taking
cosmoprof's makeup artistry diploma!
i neeed someone to accompany me! as for the reason why;
firstly, i love dolling up.
secondly, mum have been rushing me for the course since last
yr's holiday but i'm just too lazy and busy.
lastly, i think its gonna be really fun :D
price range ard $3000-$9000 CALL ME PLEASE!
anyway, there're more pictures to go.
so once and again, be patient my dearies.
i'll be away from singapore on 3rd-5th
so don't miss me too much alright! i know i'm
an amicable friend(:
i don't know why.

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