Saturday, May 31, 2008

Feel uneasy not being able to blog for tomorrow(sat)
working for bugis bhg shu uemura! I'll be back. Bye.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Be warned, a wordy post. oh what a hardy-hoody.
My tears are flooding pails.
Can all guys in this whole-wide-universe rectify
there point of view towards me? I'm not in any way trying
to fend for myself but seriously i'm not what you see me as.
What most people often portrait the Eileen as:
1. Stucked-up, play hard to get girl.
2. Too pampered
3. Better leave, she'll spend your money!
4. A vamp that sucks all your blood & make you go crazy
5. She've got high expectations.
6. hey, she seems to be very unfriendly.
7. ewwww, totally look like a bitch/bimbo to me.
8. Bet she had many ex in the past.
Imma explain myself now(like seriously)
The feelings of melancholy are killing me sooon k.
1. Its normal for everyone to play hard to get once a while
because it boost one's ego. i mean who doesn't do that right?
but i swear i'm not stucked up in anyway at all once you get
to know me well.. i'm easy to understand.
2. yeah, i may be pampered but i'm not those kinda dependent
girls where i need people to clean my plates and feets.
I do things on my own too. The fact is, i'm just too used to
the amount of attention someone showers me. Thats it
3. For god damm's sake. I know this is gonna be quite scaring
but i don't enjoy spending guys money! to be truthful, i always
feel guilty about it. I love spending my money buying things
i like because i feel more carefree without any restrictions.
I'm not those girls going to different guys just to cheat on
their money. I find them slutty actually.. (*slaps* no cursing!)
4. Yes, now its pretty obvious that i won't suck up, boil any
of your blood or money. I live for myself & i feed myself need
no guys to do that babe. With this intriguing account, up
to date, i've never driven anyone crazy.
5. Comeon, tell me who the dumbduck in this world don't
have expectations of their own? If we can afford better assets,
as self-centered creatures(or should i name human beings) like us, will be
so tempted to search high and low in singapore for better
choices am i right? Tell me i am dear readers.
6. I believe this is partly my fault because i norm give some
faces to people whom i don't really know well (or should i say strangers)
i'm not that unfriendly actually......
7. I know I know, but i'm not to blame! blame it on momma
for giving me such a bitchy face. Friends who've been with me
for years said things like " seriously speaking, if we're those
hi-bye friends right... i think you look a total bitch to me"
Why not try understanding me before assuming what i'm not?
8. I know people don't believe my words. but i really
had 2 ex. Deja Vu ! i'm not cooking up any falsehoods alright.
Conclusion: That's what Eileen is totally made up of.
I know its scaring my readers like cockroaches running
away from bygon(don't know whats the name lah)
Readers, as you can see, i'm freaking free blogging
almost everyday... so Email or tag me anything that you ppl
waanna know. cosmetics etc etc k! bye.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

.( i know you're starting to get irritated by the small dots *laughs)
yea you know... you know... Girls like me do really love
daydreaming about our idol ( like being with him.. etc etc.)
i know this is funny/ridiculous/ _______ <- insert any word
Please don't laugh or mock at me k! it's pretty normal to see me
happily jumping on the streets once i start talking about idols.
But i swear hes like god-damm-hot.
STRICTLY GIRLS only(if you're a guy and have a fetish over edison its okay to peep)
: agree agree?!?!?! we often daydream over idols right! *10 kisses*
As you can see, Eileen is getting super-uber high now
It's okay to go crazy once in a blue moon with my dear readers.
Conclusion: Girls do love Guys. Anyway edison chen is still
handsome although he had so many sex scandals lah.
Eileen, stop that *slaps face*

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sweeties, didnt post these 2 days because i'm really
down.. & It's finally not about guys guys guys..........
It's about mom. had a fight with her yesterday. And my
hand hurts :/ gonna post some pictures up manzxz.
i'll blog sooon! meanwhile, SCROLL DOWN AND READ!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Saturday Out.
i know i'm very very fair okay don't add in!
Dears, look at the time now... i'm blogging (suprising isin't it?)
couldn't sleep came out to watch tv with dad laughs and he
knew i was feeling troubled. Had no idea why i kept thinking
about things like school, future, _______ <-- use your creativity readers!
Mummy, your daughter is a useless bummm she can't seems
to do anything right in life (yet?) Have been blogging almost
everyday. Therefore urge readers not to be lazy but scroll down!
went to limin's facial place to do my japanese eyelash perm
it turns out quite nice though the right eye is not that curled -,-
35$ *flies* headed to tm right after the perm. Don't blame me!
Its GSS and i'm shopping like a mad dog spending about $80? roars.
Eileen, Vainity is getting to your head again for no reason.
On a diet now! yayzxzxzxzx. Oh yea! readers, i'm working
(yes, shu uemura again) on sat and some other dates.
i'm gonnna mug for all the exams till i go crazy! Going back
school for Co practices and revising starting from June.
Miss my friends yehx.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hello people, please kindly go to my tagboard and support
for gucci lanyards, miumiu bags and many more! & for pretty girls fits!
visit and never regret yea! *chu* as a reward, i'll upload
a zillion ducks of peektures k. So don't be too excited
do read tomorrrow sweeties :D cause i'm lazy now -,-

Friday, May 23, 2008

Finally gotten over and i'm not daydreaming about those
what if/s. I guess things are pretty much fated so i shouldn't
fret over it anymore. I'll let nature take its course.
The saying goes " If it's yours eventually it'll be."
i've spent the past one month living in self denial. i shouldnt
waste my time away thinking about the same things over
and over again..i'll focus on my studies as soon as june starts.
after this incident, i've found out that i'm actually capable
of being alone. Apparently, i neeed no boyfriends at all.
let those off and let fate decide.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yesterday's ite visit peeektures.
yay readers, tomorrow is the last day for school.
i've got no moood to blog so let the pictures do the talking
the more i think about it the more i get irritated/frustrated.
Allow me to vent my anger manzxzxz can't stand it anym!
no worries, no hurling of vulgarities.
Enough of you.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's often said that happiness is a choice that men regrets.
why?simply because in this world of extremes, we can only love too little.
I wonder at times just what guys are thinking you see.
I guess its fated that i always make wrong choices.
Love, Affection & happiness for me was never prolonged.
Oh god, tell me what i did wrong in my past life?
whateverrrrrrrrrrrr i should be deliriously hugging bear now.
Hello dear readers, please read tomorrow
don't be sad... because i'm posting many pictures tmr!
anyway, today's ite visit is really _____

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Miss all my friends manyxzxzxzz.

dear momma and me( cheater with heels! shes not that tall)
oh dear... i didn't post for 3 days. - i'm lazy la okay!
although i said no to posting anymore peektures, but i found out
that i actually love my readers alot to be soft-heartened (:
geegagageegaga we're amazingly going for an ite west visit
for some courses till 5pm! but the good thing is... we only
need to reach school at 11am! cheeers babezx we finally can
sleep to our content! yayz suprisingly, momma is going for
this friday's ptm(parent-teacher meeting in case you guys forgotton this term)
she'll be the first because i'm register number 2( god dammz =,=)
from 10am-10.15am. Momma, please be proud of your cute
daughter blogging about you now *a wide smile*
fascinatingly, i'm beginning to love school than staying at
home because i've pratically nothing better to do :/
starting to miss the days when i always hang out with friends.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Nobody will bring me down. Be it words or actions.
Hello dear readers... ( highly recommend those who prefer post with pictures not to read
as you can see it's the beginning for a very boring post) so...... Eileen went to
cut her hair today. Triple flying kisses for short fringe now!
Shu uemura called and ask if i can work tomorrow.
i turned them down :/ because, i'm pure lazy. $$$ gone.
Oh ya.. was wondering why are guys always so against lesbians?
( if you seriously know why... please tag)
Eileen's complain of the week.
Went bugis with Wanzhuang and geniababy yesterday.
I just couldnt stand people working at the street.
i wonder do their sweeetest parents teach them how to
be courteous and polite. (its rude i know.. but i couldnt stand it anym!)
i've tolerated enough okay... it has beeen more than once!
i'll re-enact the scene now....
Me: (browsing ard) excuse me, how much is this bag?
She(with the f-uped face talking to someone opposite her shop staring at me ): ah 23 la
Me: (with the ___ face <-- insert any word): wow, okay.
I swear at that moment i really felt like slapping her butt
of her body! i wonder what ppl had became to nowadays.
Bugis street is seriously pathetic. Its full of disgusting
ahlianzxzxzx with thick glitter under their eyes with some
highheels and elmo shirt(not discriminationg elmos but the high heels with shorts)
they stare from your head to toe like nobody's business.
seriously jialatzxzxzxzxxxzxzx. why so many ahlians!?!?!?
Conclusion: because they think they're very cool with bengzx
like what i've said before... it's the same.

Friday, May 16, 2008

okay readers, i'm sorry to announce that i'll
take a long hiatus from posting of many pictures.

cause i feeel ugly and sick of what i'm looking like

recently! Anyway Randolph, i hope yesterday's naggings

and your results really serve as a wake up call to you.

your future is really in your hands. no such thing as you

can't or dont have a future alright babe?


yes, so i did well for exams (not for poa and comb humans though)

but mum didnt had anything for me lehzxzxzx

no words, no presents, no nothing at all.

(for those who haven't got to see my results, scroll to the post before this k :D)

I'm starting to adore depending on my own for studies

it actually motivates me to study even harder and plan my

own time in an very efficient way right? i mean i do really

care about my what i want to be, my future.

But i don't see why should we sacrifice people, friends

relationships and love for studies. And by not looking at

it or doing anything, doesnt means it's forgotton.



replies of tags.

leinadd: HAHA, cause i studied too hard (:

Passer: no contact number please! i'm so so sorry.

Efah: relinked my dear (:

Twinny: you're Eileen? of course i do!!

Gina: linked (: do link me up!

friendd: Laughs, i see you soon in msn den (:

ivory: yea i do. you? always jonas can alrdy lah!

BH: thanks! how about your results?

Zx: HELLO ZX thanks but hows yours? :D

Tony: Hello, thanks for that. linked (: link me up!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

i'm really sorry dear readers, i'm quite busy these
few days. i know it has been ages you guys took a good
look of what i'm doing. heres a picture of apology (:
yay, my hard work is really paid off! Initially i didnt
thought it was worthy enough for me to sacrifice so so many
things.. but afterall, i guess i'll take my words back.
English- 78 A1
Maths-72.3 A2
Comb Science- 74.5 A2(rounded up, A1)
Chinese- 65.5 B3
Comb humans- 47 U
Poa- 16.5 U
yes, thats what i'm able to acheive. A big boohoo to all those
who once look down on me. I can really study if i want to.
i toook my exams seriously.. i actually cried for comb science
today because it's 0.5 marks to A1. God damm, i could have done
way better than that. Okay dears, i have a wedding to attend
at 6pm! so i'll futher elaborate on everything when i get back.
With Love,

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Monday, May 12, 2008

Ever-Adorable Alvin
that's last year at sentosa with DearJo! soooo sorry
readers, for the slow updates of last year's pictures (:
Eileen the goood hommmmy girl, stayed at home today.
wait! of course, with thousands and millions rantings!
ROARS OKAY. SUNDAY LEHHHH why am i staying
home for duckness sake? oh yea, see see i swear
everyone gonnna agree with me that alvin is really cute.
although i kept scolding and hitting him today :/ hes naughty!
Plans for tomorrow : meeeting Geniababy and Dearjo at tamp
mrt ard 12. heading to paragon. i know its not really nice
for a girl to curse and swear... but again, i swear i'll be
shopping for totes and gucci lanyard tomorrow!
yayxzxzxzxx i'm very excited! had been ages since i last
reallly spent some money. so.... tomorrow there will be
photos! no worrries i'll update soon sweeties!
with love, (:

Friday, May 09, 2008

old times. (sec 3)
dammmm. i couldnt really take nice pictures
yesterday due to phone corruption laughs! so...i've
decided to post some sec3 photos to entertain my readers.
As you can see, Eileen actually applies
makeups to school last year! oh my goddddddddd.
not to the last picture though, cause at
that point of time i've already changed for the better.
imagine how vain i was! how disgusting can it be to
apply eyeliners, foundation etc etc to school?
okay back to yesterday. i'm very happpy! had fun with
genia baby, dearJo and her boyfriend watching what
happen in vegas. I hereby encourage all couples/friends
/going-to-be couples to watch that show! i swear it's
reallly funnny and entertaining. of course, touching too.
oh yea, whats more when the tickets only costing $6
for nebo members at Ehub? goooodness, love it there!
I thought by now i would have forgotton everything..
but no, i didn't and i can't let my emotions out. i don't
want to affect anyone anymore. Sighs

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Eileen the hardworking girl got.....
53/60 for Maths paper 2! *claps*
alright, enough of those braggings. (though i'm really happy. Laughs)
whats the first thing you gonna do? : out with friends!
enough talking for today, i'm going E-hub with baby
and hopefully dearJo for movie and lazing i guess?
so don't worry readers, although i'm having moodswings
recently, i'll take many pictures at night with my dears
and i'll definately post them up very sooooooooooon.
because i'm addicted to blogging. Thanks readers!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I'm Hardworking.

I hereby apologise to my readers for not posting
for the past few days! As always, this hardworking girl
here had been studying real hard with her friends.
sunday - Downtown Mac with geniababy, justin and ms soh
monday: Downtown with geniababy, randy, nik and nas.
I swear, i've never been so serious about exams before.
my momma actually said she was shock to see her
daughter revising in her own room without company
do hope that all my hard work will be paid..
had maths paper 2 and chem today. maths was relatively
easy, no really for chem though. alright this is getting
exciting... exams are going to be over! yay, finally
some break. longer break = more pictures (:
Theres like more than a million pictures in my folder .
no, i'm not able to let go.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Changes of Eileen. [part 1]
this year.. cny.
sec one. with baby and jolene(:
sec 2. we love cam-whoring in class.
sec 3. started being very disgusting..
just realised 4 years of my life passes quickly...
many drastic changes were made to my life.
vividly remembered my first day in school with no friends..
vividly remembered xiaofang was the first to talk to me..
vividly remembered how wanzhuang and i quarrelled over friends
vividly remembered how i had fun with Eugenia, zazilah and lyna..
vividly remembered how jolene and i got closer..
vividly remembered having thousands and millions of tiffs with Eugenia..
vividly remembered how i started liking M during sec 1..
vividly remembered i was in tears of joy when i finally got tgt with him..
vividly remembered how things turn to quarrels and how we broke off..
vividly remembered what i became to when i was in sec 3..
vividly remembered how i came to know S during feb and got tgt during may
vividly remembered that i broke down many times after quarrelling with him..
vividly remembered how i got over him months later..
vividly remembered how i spent my time with daryl, kenny, SS, dick etc...
vividly remembered looking forward to a huge change in sec 4..
vividly remembered how i started noticing M
vividly remembered when and how i came to know him..
vividly remembered pondering why i would like him.
vividly remembered how i spent my valentine's day writing a card.
vividly remembered how i first spent 2 hrs on phone with you for that day.
vividly remembered how i waited for your messages..
vividly remembered how we started having endless arguments..
vividly remembered how much tears i shed...
vividly remembered how this ended.
vividly remembered how i tried in vain to let go.
i don't mind sharing everything with you, my readers.
yes, these few years i've learnt and change alot..
learnt how to look at things in a different way.
things will not always suit the way we want it to be.
sometimes, somethings just can't be controlled.
Feelings, People, Places etc.
Being alone in this house also left me many thoughts.
deep thoughts that i've never had before when i was younger.
now i know where the problem lies on...
I was never contented.
never contented nor cherish what i had.
i took everything forgranted readers. I'm too dependent.
This is not any emo post. i just wanna remind myself how
and what i was like before. i'm always weak
at handling emotions.. all i always did was hide act and hide.
yes, you've got the best of me.

Friday, May 02, 2008

say hello to my new phone. LG KS20
yayyoyayyo. i love mum and dad! <3>
[ although i feel guilty spending their 500 bucks]
went shopping with parents ytd. In the middle of no
where mum suggested we go take a look at new phones.
of course, i happily agreeed! Laughs. [ our conversation]
Me: wow! mum, that's (ks20) very nice right?
Mum: ya lor hor... your phone(N76) so lousy alrdy.
Me: That's why la.. siannnnnnn -,- "
Mum: Want buy anot? ask papa come lo we queue.
okay Eileen, the greedy girl happily called out for her
dad. we apparently spent an hour for our turn okayzxz.
*tadar* $$$$ gone. momma kept complaining when
i got home because she said it was rather my shopping
trip than hers as she bought nothing at all! heeee.
After that went to meeet eugeniababyxzx and ivory for
movie. yay! happpppy life for me now *tweez*
i'll have another round of exams starting from monday.
after next week i'll be free! i swear my holiday will
definately be fun this time round. GUCCI LANYARD.