Thursday, May 15, 2008

i'm really sorry dear readers, i'm quite busy these
few days. i know it has been ages you guys took a good
look of what i'm doing. heres a picture of apology (:
yay, my hard work is really paid off! Initially i didnt
thought it was worthy enough for me to sacrifice so so many
things.. but afterall, i guess i'll take my words back.
English- 78 A1
Maths-72.3 A2
Comb Science- 74.5 A2(rounded up, A1)
Chinese- 65.5 B3
Comb humans- 47 U
Poa- 16.5 U
yes, thats what i'm able to acheive. A big boohoo to all those
who once look down on me. I can really study if i want to.
i toook my exams seriously.. i actually cried for comb science
today because it's 0.5 marks to A1. God damm, i could have done
way better than that. Okay dears, i have a wedding to attend
at 6pm! so i'll futher elaborate on everything when i get back.
With Love,

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