Monday, June 30, 2008

Keep thinking that you like that someone? Exposed!
Top 12 signs of you really liking someone :
1. When you're reading this, that person is alrdy on your mind
2.You're willing to sacrifice(time,money etc) anything for them
3.You'll go a mile further just to catch a glimpse of them
4. Always smiling to yourself when you think of them
5. You'll start listening to songs that reminds you of them
6. When him/her ard you, you do not notice anyone else.
7. Deep down, you smile to youself when you hear their voices
8. Your heart beats a beat faster when you think of them
9. You feel shy whenever him/her is around you.

10. You'll walk slowly when you're with them.
11. You read their Texts/Msg/whatever over and over again
12. You ponder about what will happen to you and him/her
in the future.
Bingo*** Eh Sweeties, i know your mouth is wide open
because i've got everything right. Eileen is clever leh!
I know you guys miss me, i'll blog super soon!
Staying back for Co tomorrow~
I can't see you.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Part II

Shitshitshitzx, i posted the pictures in the wrong sequence.
Feel like slapping my hands off now zzzzzz.
I'm hereby apologise because this is so gonna be a post full
of my rantings!
Anyway readers, as you can see nowadays, Eileen is normally
not in a very good mood. I've so so many things to do in 24hrs
of my life. It's almost the same schedule packed everyday.
Wake up, walk to sch, sch till 2+ 3, eat lunch, go home,
use com(blogging etc etc.), revise some work, bathe, sleep.
And the routine continues........ till like what? After my Ns
which is october. Roars mannnnnn why are singaporeans
always so kiasu?! But still, i wanna do well k!
Miraculously, Eileen went studying with classmates
At terminal 1 today. Did chem and poa!
Hope it helps... okok what a beautiful monday it's gonna
be tomorrow. Class ends at 2, aftermath i'll be having geog
class till 4+. I'll most probably be back for CO practice on tues.
Sch ends at 3 on wednesday.. Thurs i'll be having Eng oral.
Oh wait wait.... Did i even tell you guys that all the
remedials will be knocking on my door starting from
next week? I'm so stressed up! help me!
I'm gonnnna muggggggggggggggggggggggggg.
Contradicting fact.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tired of myself.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Part one Peektures. And top ten Girls/guys secrets
Eileen looking ugly here.....

Eileen gonna post the part 2 pictures soon.
Dear readers of mine should really anticipate my next post.
As you can see, we seems to be very crazy on the last photo.
(which means we took more than 2385252049 of em)
Heres an interesting one i've came up with. Enjoy!
Hello dear ladies, realise that at times guys just don't understand
what message are you trying to convey? Solve them now!
Woman: I think we need to talk.
Guy(reckon it as) : Shes angry!!!! No matter how nice
i'm going to be talking to her, It's still gonna be my fault.
Woman: Eh you see you see that girl pretty?! pretty hor!!
Guy(reckon it as) : Wa... it's a trap! if i agree confirm die one la!
so apparently, she wants me to say no, but shes the prettiest.
Woman: That girl is a total bitch lor.
Guy(reckon it as) : She wants me to agree with her.. if not, we'll
starting bickering over this again.
Woman: ohh wow you see that ____ (<-- insert any word in)very nice!
Guy(reckon it as) : This money sucker, obviously want me to
buy it for her lor.
... eh, i went out of ideas.
Conclusion: Be truthful, speak your mind out :D
HAHAHAHAHA i hope this lighten up the stressful days
of my readers! Thanks for all the sweeet encouragement...
You dearies are the best!
With love,

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

An overdue picture with wanzhuang
Oh readers, i'm sucha nice girl... help you guys check
the prices for fancl's bottled collagen already. It's $7 per bottle.
10 bottles at $61+ It's best to consume it everyday! I've bought
some for momma and me! Bought the slimming pills too...
I must slim down!
Eileen is not a liar! she can't post ytd's
peektures because her damm baby is not even online.
Damm her kayzxzxz she still dare to tell me " eh faster upload
the pictures leh i wanna blog today if possible" zzzz
slap your big butt ok!
First day of school guess what?
i was told that N lvls English oral is next week.
obviously this blur girl here knew nothing about it!
Stress is hitting me hard on the head now.
so i guess i'll be pretty much looking like a nerd in school.
Eileen poh, you need to mug and maintain your results k?
So you better don't be lazy and sleep in class hor.
Be a good girl and you'll be rewarded *smiles*
Okay, i'm so gonna stop here before i continue talking
to myself. I'll blog soooon with the peektures!
With hugs and kisses,

Monday, June 23, 2008

We were as one babe, for a moment in time.......
slept at 5 am ytd and pulled myself out of bed ard 6.30.
Oh god.......... Hohoho readers, i'm going to mediacorp later
for the superband. Baby's bro's Band Synpathy!
Do call and support them eh! In return, i'll post peektures.
With love,

Sunday, June 22, 2008

EXPOSED- Rebonded fringe.

Was out with Raylene and Limin on the 21st.
Went to Haji Lane and aftermath, to town. Had a great day
with the both of them. Raylene loves bullshitting about her being
fat and having big bones (oh ya! and the part when she keeps saying she's tanned) =,=
when shes so god dammm pretty/nice/fair. Readers, pictures
from Eileen won't lie.
oh yes, about the rebonding part. WAIT!!! i know what you guys
gonna say. Readers(with the wtf look): huh where got diff?!?!?!
okay let me explain myself! In pictures you don't really see
much difference but for me i do! cause it's like damm dead now..
no matter how i try swinging my hair, the fringe will still be there.
Sighs, wanted to visit the doctor today... but was kinda scared.
Dear Sweeeties, anyone know the reasons behind nosebleeding
(frequently) other than being too "heaty" ??
For entertainment purposes - A survey from Efah.
1. What do you want most now?
Quickly go through this 2 years of exams.
2. Where will you go if someone sponsers you a tour tic?
3. Whats your fav thing(s) to do?
Eat, Sleeep, Sing, Shop, Fun
4. Do you think money can buy happiness?
Mayb for those kids in africa? not for me though..
5. If you have one dream to come through what would it be?
No frets and happiness throughout this lifetime.
6.Do you believe you can survive without $$?
Obviously no! How we eat then???
7.Do you think theres such thing called 'LOVE'? Reason?
Yes, if not there won't be so many couples and me ard.
8.Define Love.
Devotion,Affection,Commitment,Understanding And Compromising
9.What do you dream of doing in the future?
Marketing, Bridal shop and travelling.
10.List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you this.
Capable, Pretty and Trustworthy.
11. Craziest thing you've ever done?
Pretty much laughing myself off the streets.
12.What kind of person do you hate the most?
Hypocrites and liars.
13.Where do you see yourself 10 years down the road?
Enjoying time with my family and a successful career.
14.What makes the world go round?
Give and share.
15.Whats the most impt thing in your life?
Family, Friends, Studies
16.What i wished for?
I'm contented currently... maybe being more optimistic towards life?
17.If you're able to change your life, what would you change?
The times when i'm feeling low.
18.The love of your life now?
19.Are you courageous enough to tell the person you like him/her?
20.What do you regret most in life?
Not cherishing things and moments.
Readers, this is an additional post. Please don't be lazy... read the post below.
i think theres something wrong with me. I've been having nosebleeeds very often.
Every now and then, i feel blood in my throat too. It's super painful...
did i mention that my nosebleeeds and blood from my throat comes in clots?
I Had Enough. To : Weihong []
Okay seriously, i think you're super hilarious.
Readers listen and tell me whats right and whats wrong.
This Stranger came adding me( can't rmb which date ) and told
me wanna be friends. I Agreed cause it's just normal chatting right?
Guess what.. less than effing 20 mins he asked for my number.
FUNNNY ANOT? and he come scolding me for nuts just because i
didnt agree to give him my number... he said i'm a stuckup.
TO WEIHONG: Stop being ridiculous la. For what i know..
no one is born to be likable by EVERYONE. i don't even mind
ppl who says i'm stucked up because those who says that are sure
people who don't know me well. My close friends? HAHAHA
do you even know how many close friends i have? I bet you don't
even know which kinda friends i hang out with.
Actually, you're nothing to me. i don't even know you stranger.
Scold me or spread words of me to everyone. I don't care and neither
do i mind. Cause i'm sure friends who knows me should know what
kinda person i really am. Oh ya you mentioned about readers
disliking me? Blogging is a place for individuals to load of their
piece weihong, Its not to be meant for ppl to like it or not.
i only know i've said my piece, whether readers to adore it anot..
its their business. Readers disliking me? LETS SEE.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Woohhh, Finally pictures

Yay Sweeties finally pictures k. I know you guys must be
thinking like Eileen is a big fat liar because she always says that
she'll blog all the pictures by ____ but ended up with nothing.
So eh... let me briefly introduce you the peektures k!
First two pictures were taken during Co camp- Grad night.
Containing the cutest ingredients like Chloe Wz Eileen and jiaqi.
(*slaps* Eileen don't BHB leh )
hohoho the 3rd and 4th peeektures were taken during work.
Containing the prettiest ingredients like Cassan Siyun and Eileen
( Wah Eileen poh may peng! enough anot *pukes*)
Last but not least.. containing once in a blue moon ingredients
like Banana and Eileen. ( Stop!!! I know you're starting to think _____ )
*triple claps* Eileen didn't waste her time leh..
She fully spent this holiday having the maximum of fun!
i therefore swear again that its looks dammmmmmmm ugly )=
i'm so sadddd k. Tell me what to do about the straight and
lifeless fringe now leh dear readers!!!!
i'll blog again :D

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Admit that i'm superrrr lazy.That's banana btw. he loves acting cute.

Hello dears~ I'm not gonna upload the pictures at work first.
Cause the files are too big and dads gonna send comp for repair.
so hor.... i uploaded this look-alike photo( 14th june's post)
to cover up my laziness! ( kk la it's taken tgt with that look-alike post. i'm zilian! heh)
Went out with Banana( wait... don't think too much hes just my friend)
to Bugis today to get my eyebrow pencil sharpened
(Oh did i mention that shu uemura's eyebrow pencil is the best? $30 only leh! + free sharpening service)
Swear i'm damm tired today k. Anyway, we shop ard bugis for
like 2 hours and took quite a number of peektures.
Be patient! gonna post em all up sooon alright sweeeties (:
Dear Readers, please give me some advice!
do you guys think i should cut my hair short? anyw, i'm
gonnna reborn my fringe tomorrow.. it suck to the max now.
i'll blog tomorrow. IDEAS FOR TOPICS PLEASE!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Absolutely not a goood day to start off with. Didnt sleep last night...
throughout 3am(the time i went to bed) - 7am i was totally awake.
Don't know why just couldn't patt myself to sleep. I know i'm thinking about
many things but just can't figure out what they were.
Took alot of pictures with Siyun and Cassan during work today. Gonna
post them all by tomorrow night.

Eileen is deprived of sleep and feeling oh so lethargic.
i'm Tired.

Monday, June 16, 2008

i'm so happy.

OH MY GOD! Readers readers, are you looking at my new skin???
I love it alot x 100! Thanks to wejian-
I swear hes a freaking nice person to help me do this up.
(advice: so if you want something like mine, be nice to him..
and read his blog..maybe it helps? :D) okay i'm getting too high.
Remember Eileen saying that she'll post peektures about the
day out with weeting? yeah, so we watched the incredible hulk..
The show was interesting but quite longwinded. Our butts ended
up super-uper painful. Overall rating 3.5/5 stars.
kkk back to weeting. No doubt shes a pig in a human's body!
i vividly remember accompanying her to mos burger for lunch
at about 4pm so at ard... erm 6pm? she told me " Eileen! i'm
hungry leh!!" I was like wtf? This was still acceptable hor?
nvmmmmmm at night(mark this : mid-night) when i'm online
she complained about being hungry again! oh god, PIG.
I wanna complain! Her Psp so cute leh. manzxzxzxzxxzx.
Ivory: Ah girl, thanks for buying presents for me k! <3>
dears, i'm working tomorrow 10am-5.30pm Shu Uemuraaaa
i'm going i'm going...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I spent the whole of today comtemplating about my life..
Since young, our momma often said things like " next time when you grow
up, you'll know or understand why". Grow up? Just when exactly do humans
grow up? I wonder how much time do we waste in a lifetime. Some people strive to
acheive/cherish things every minute possible in life but some just roam around
aimlessly with their loathsome attitude/perspective towards themselves.
I guess i'm starting to understand this dimension we're living in. The very minute
we're given a foothold in this place, we're fated to suffer through humiliation,
illness and things like that. So the question is, when will we ever really look into
life and rejoice for every little things we've succeeded? i reckon most ppl
never reflected on themselves, yet.
A question for my dear readers.
Friends, Family, Money, Love, Studies
If you're given a chance to prioritise the above values, how will you do it?
This question have been jangling in my mind for years. Overtime it changes
but for now i guess i'll stop mucking around....... this is how it goes.
Family - They'll be the ones there no matter rain or shine.
Friends - They're the one that really understands how you feel
Studies - For future and its good for numbing yourself against things ard you.
Love - Used to placed this on the 2nd or 3rd. Realise it isin't impt alrdy. Tired.
Money - Money buy you superficial, not happiness.
What about my readers?! Tell me how you ppl feeeeeeeel!
I give up.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

If you miss me....
HEHEHEHEH! hello dears, i promised to upload the
peektures of me and weeting etc etc right? so sorrry i've got to
break that promise.. because i spent the whole day at town.
So... no you see a very apologetic person here trying to post one
picture of herself to erase her sins. Laughs!
Met up with baby and yuxiang today. i guess i've prolly earned
myself some good karma because i accompanied yuxiang all the
way to town for his dad's present. * triple claps *
Okay i swear i dislike town k... cause its like couples everywhere!
highly recommend those loners(like me) not to go !
oh yeah! saw rowell there. Imy wife! lets go out sooon.
Okay, i wanna watch movie tomorrow leh.. anyone?
blog tomorrrrowwwwww. weehee, enjoy that pic.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Had a great day with weeting today.
shall post all the pictures tomorrow.
Dears, wait for me alright!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

3rd of June's chalet Just came back from co camp and i'm seriously deprived of sleep.
Spent the whole of yesterday night chatting, singing and crapping.
Enjoyed myself with Wanzhuang, Xuanhui, Weijian, Jiaqi
& chloe. Been ages since the seniors and us really crowd tgt
and had fun. Do really hope that the juniors will maintain
our glory - Gold with Honours for 2009's Syf.
Okay lah looking into the mirror now will be scaring myself.
Everyone was like commenting on my panda eyes. shitzxzx man.
i'm gonna look so ugly for a day or so k.
Hello readers, i had many pictures of wz, chloe, jiaqi and me.
I guess we look total retard in it.. heheheheh so freaking hilarious!
imma catch some beauty sleeep now. i'll blog tomorrow!
complaints: why auntie nowdays dress so chio one?!

Monday, June 09, 2008

This is the best product k!
Drinking collagen gives me extra fair skin( this pic best portraits it)
Think twice, prolly because of this i'm like not really taller than the deer -,-
Laughs! i'm seriously short laaaaa just look at that damm picture
i look as though i'll be shorter anytime when the deer stands on 2
legs. This is oh so p-a-t-h-e-t-i-c okay, i swear.
In case some kpo(*slaps*) oh concerned i mean...
readers wanna know my height, Its a jialat 157 or 158? idk
nvrmind about that i'm not going to grow any taller if i continue
whinning here.
Anyw,that collagen really works for me..
bought it from japan though.. it's not available in singapore.
Think i still have 1 carton... heeheee. ohhhh but readers, goood
news! Fancl sells bottled collagen too.. I've heard its priced at
6 bottles for SGD$100? buying all these in japan are really way
cheaper laaa. Singapore is wonderful, except for the fact that
lives here are just too expensive.
Some girls emailed me about how to maintain good skin if
they applies makeups everyday. The secret is......................
AND YOU JUST REACHED HOME. No choice pretty ladies..
For me,if i'm gonna be home super late.. no matter how
tired i am, i'll drag myself to the toilet, use makeup removal wipes
,shu uemura cleasing oil, clarins cleasing milk, lastly neutrogena
foam. Fussy girls like me should heed my advice. Unless...
you want pimply face la k!
I'll be going to co camp from tomorrow to thursday sure gonna
bring my camera there and snap pictures k! don't worry i won't
be staying over.. so it means, BLOGGIN!
A fruitful shopping trip.
Finally the gucci lanyard is here. $230 goneeeeee~
Targets: burberry tote, agnes b messenger bag & gucci pencil
case. Gonna be a hardworking girl.. earn more money!
Went shu u today to trim my eyebrows. Thanks cassan & siyun.
Aftermath, went town with limin for shopping spree i bought
another tube! yays anyw, my wardrobe has more than 10 tubes.
I'm suppperrrrrrr sorry for not updating my blog the past few
days my dears. I can't upload the chalet peektures too because
baby didnt upload em to com at all. Tomorrow will be meeting my
senior to practice singing and remedial in school.
(in case you guys don't know,i do really love to sing actually)
i'm quite lazy recently.... so readers, please try to perk me up if
you're able to k. a happy belated birthday to dearest wanzhuang~
Still you.
ohhh reply of tags on the tagboard.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Byebye to blogging on the 6th.
working for shu uemura again 2pm-10pm =,=
gonna be a tired day!
replies of tags will be on my next post.
Back Back Back
Heheheh! don't get too excited just because you see one
peekture k dearies. Because.... this is only an appetizer(again)
Laughs! don't blame me for this because bigbuttbaby haven't
upload the many many many nice pictures we toook.
Anyw, i'll be going over geniababy's house later.... so i'll be a
kind soul to upload the pictures later and be a loyal blogger
[soon?] cause i'm working noon shift tomorrow :/
I'll be backkkkkk hopefully tonight (:

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

when you have to look away, when you don't have much to say..
I know you don't remember or feel anything anymore.
After so so long, yet, still, nothing changes for me.
Tell me why this is so strong? Am i even right for that decision? sighs
byebye readers, i'll be at downtown's chalet from 3rd-5th.
seriously, miss me k.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Random recent shots.
Eugenia took this without me knowing!
Alvin's birthday! he is 3 :D
i look super weird in this photo. -working

If my dears are still craving for more recent pictures,
Highly recommend you guys to scroll down the archives and
read from Dec 2007 - May 2007! It's the period where i
posted many pictures.. Enjoy yehzx.
Muahahahahaha! i said i'll post pictures of myself ytd right?
so here are those 'zilianzxzxzx' but need not fret, cause i don't
take pictures from a 45 degree angle to make myself look
like those cheeena lians with their captions ' iie misshh euu''
That is like Oh my god laa. Super disgusting! ( ahh stop discriminating!)
Tomorrow i'll be leaving for chalet so it = no posts for 3 days!
( do continue supporting, reading and tagging! <3)
I'll miss my dear sweetie pies very much! To make it up to you
guys, i'll have more fun and take more peektures during the
chalet to update you sweeeties alright! ;)
Any Questions are welcomed too :D
Sunday out- Click five's concert
I know you readers are starting to get bored of my wordy posts
so if you really miss my face, heres a super duper blurred picture
of me working on saturday! don't worry lah, this is only an
appetizer for tomorrow's upcoming photos of myself laughs!
Enjoy! ( if you really can figure out my features from that photo)
So.... We had the premium tickets for click five's concert.
I don't understand why is it named premium when it only
benefits those crazy-like-fans to stand close to their idols.
I would say the crowd wasn't that overwhelming though.
Please 'Sayang' my legs now! I've been standing like 7 hrs
on sat for shu uemura and yayness 2 hrs today for the concert.
Don't worry lah (you know who) i did enjoy myself except for the fact
that i'm too tired to even clap for the Hunks. Laughs
Rating 7/10 stars
I'll definately blog tomorrow dears due to having chalet from
3rd to 5th of june. 6th of june- Shu uemura
Aftermath, i'll be having Co camp from 9th or 10th to 11th
or 12th(cant really rmb) still thinking whether i should stay
over... or maybe just for the graduation night?
Lingers and still Lingering...