Monday, June 09, 2008

A fruitful shopping trip.
Finally the gucci lanyard is here. $230 goneeeeee~
Targets: burberry tote, agnes b messenger bag & gucci pencil
case. Gonna be a hardworking girl.. earn more money!
Went shu u today to trim my eyebrows. Thanks cassan & siyun.
Aftermath, went town with limin for shopping spree i bought
another tube! yays anyw, my wardrobe has more than 10 tubes.
I'm suppperrrrrrr sorry for not updating my blog the past few
days my dears. I can't upload the chalet peektures too because
baby didnt upload em to com at all. Tomorrow will be meeting my
senior to practice singing and remedial in school.
(in case you guys don't know,i do really love to sing actually)
i'm quite lazy recently.... so readers, please try to perk me up if
you're able to k. a happy belated birthday to dearest wanzhuang~
Still you.
ohhh reply of tags on the tagboard.

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