Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Its coming.

Well, i nosebled again today. It's during school this time
round. I think i need to go for a full body check up soon..
Without further ado, lets proceed to whinnings and rantings
now hokay readers! :/ (please bear with me)
Due to the oncoming prelims and N levels, I've been
crying, laughing and screaming in school hysterically.
Remember crying in school yesterday because of
all the work given. I've no idea why the class is always
so rowdy and restless during math lessons.
It was exceptionally noisy yesterday and i was so
freagging infuriated, i swear.
I'm not sure of how to cope with school now.. feel that
all my subs deteriorated..yeah, so i cried. okay lah!
it's ludicrous to cry over studies i know.. *laughs*
However there is something i'm jubilant about -
Scored for all my recent compositions. yayness!
wish me luck & pray for me sweeties.
I'll post all the peektures up soon.
With love,

Monday, July 28, 2008

Okay great, it's 12.21am now and i'm freaggingly not yet
asleep. Went out with baby just now to starbucks and mac
for studying. obviously we spent more than 1/3 of the time
crapping and joking. Enjoy the time with her manzxxz.
Specially for you hunniebunnie, Love you like mad!
oh god.......
It's a school-hella day tomorrow.
Please Eileen, do it once and for all.
Just give in your best and study hard will you?
I beg you.
You know things gets pretty exasperating when
its *blingbling* crystal-clear that prelims are coming
in just 4 days away and Eileen is not yet in the mood
to study. Oh wait wait did i mention that i was
even planning on where to go on national's day?
I have this strong hunch that i'll fail my maths
and physics. oh yeah right, combi humans and poa
are the sure-fail subject readers.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sroll down to the post below for peektures.
So as i was saying.... life will always be full of ups and downs.
Feeling disappointment, dejected, forlorn, helpless etc
are what we're bound to experience with.
But life still goes on no matter how sad we are,
how hard we're gonna cry or even how exuberant
we are for that moment. I've learnt things the hard
way. Even if you're going to cry for the 365 days in
a year, nothing changes. It's still the same... you
still have to lead your life am i right? So why not live
your life happily and heartily when you have a choice?
Interested to know how Eileen overcome her problems
like heartbreaks and more? Read!
I've just broke up with my girlfriend/boyfriend! I feel like
dying! help me please!!!
Advices from me:
1. keep yourself super occupied
It's up to you to believe... this method is physically
proven by me! you'll realise that time passes if
you're not caring or probing about it.
2. Go out with your friends during weekends.
During weekends because students like us have to
go to school and do all our homeworks!
(this doesnt apply to the other tertiary students)
that's what i did. time flies when you friends
are by your side supporting and comforting you!
3. Talk to your mom, i'm sure she'll understand.
yeah, don't hesitate. i did tell my mom about it.
well, suprisingly she comforted me and gives me
a different feeling.
4. Study!
Love this the most. It numbs me from the surrounding
at least, for the moment. you'll realise that
you're so engrossed with the music and the books
that you won't even think about it!
That's all! therefore, i wanna take this chance to thank
a few of my friends. Eugenia, Jolene, Wanzhuang,
Limin, Xinci, Manteng, Randolph, Ivy
Weeting, Maggie, Jiaqi, Ivory, Xuanhui,
Zilah, Xinhui, Justin, Yuxiang (*roars* many more la!)
Thanks for cheering me in times of needs. <3
To Cleo:
Hello! firstly, i don't really uses the concealer.
I'll come to that later. Anyw, i'll use shu uemura's
UV underbase (biore's face milk does wonders too!)
then i'll apply mabelline's moose/cream foundation
on the place needed and treats it like a concealer.
thereafter, i'll apply loose powder (either chanel, shu uemura's
or face shop ones because i've got quite a few shades.)
last but not least, compact powder is up to your
preference. For me, i'll use either the chanel or
the shiseido one.
If you want to have flawless makeup the most
important-gaga-tip must have is to....
Clean your makeups properly, drink more water
and apply all the products needed!
hope this helps :D
Think back.

In life.....

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Super random peektures. (digged from my folders)
Hello sweeties, I've no much photos to post YET.
soooooooo, i slammed some oldies from my peekfolder.
The first 2 peektures were taken during june holidays..
the others.... hehehehe
Anyway, my prelim is just 7 days away.
so i hope i'll be able to concentrate!
Hope all my readers will be very understanding k! <3
Don't worry... i've seen the doctor. He said maybe
i accidently hurt my nose tissue -,-

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Peektures Part 1 . More to come

Helllo dear readers, Eileen kept her promise and blogged
today! Anyw, the muffins were baked by momma, cousins
and me. Had a great time and the muffins tasted awesomeeee!
*Chomps* oh wait wait... we baked super nice shepherd
pies too. Just too bad, not quick enough to snap peekos of it!
Weeting & maggie.
Laughs! sorry uh... only managed to post 2 up. You know why?
The lousy LG KS20 hanged on me. Darn....
So which means, i'll post them up hopefully on the next post.
Relax! let me explain why is it hopefully dear readers...
1. Went to superband with Baby and randy ytd
obviously we cam-whored again.. so theres like many
photos lying redundantly in my peekos folders.
so i'll be posting super random peektures k! do bear with me!
Your understanding is very much appreciated and love you ppl
many! * A 1000 of hugs and kisses* k you know what?
this blue sucks!
Didnt mean to spoil my post with that bloody/clotty/
Menses-look-alike picture lor! but i have to let you guys
see how nauseating my nosebleeds would be.
i've totally forgotten about a piece of good news to share.
Hehehehe anyw, I had my Chinese oral on monday and
i was the first. It turned out really easy for me lah!
It took me less than 3 mins to exhaust the conversation
topic. Moreover, the passage was super-uper easypeasy.
Wondrously i didn't feel skittish at all while speaking lor!
wooooohoooooooo *triple claps for Eileen*
ps: ahah in case you don't know, i scored 38/50
for my mid year chinese oral.
I'll be starting the maths tuition tomorrow at bedok
reservoir from 8pm-10pm.
I must be consistent! therefore, i'm so gonna
study now and get the homeworks done.
Bye readers! i'll blog again.
Wanted to blog so badly... due to superband, i just reached home ard 12.
yay! many peektures flooding in my superlove dear readers! be patient.......
I swear i'm gonnna blog tomorrow after school.
Nosebleed again.
don't know what is wrong. The blood was in clots ytd.
This time.... more. Mum said shes gonna bring me to raffles hosp
for a checkup soon. i'm afraid... really afraid.
Just what is wrong with me?
gonna post the bloody-clotty peeektures tmr!(later)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Don't laugh! Without makeups exposed.
I'm so gonna apologise to my sweeetest readers.
I promised to blog on the 18th but i didnt! I'm so so so
sorry! Wasn't really in the mood for blogging the past few
days. So..... Life for Eileen is still nice and good
no worries dears. Anyw, Those peektures were taken on
my dear Jolene's birthday at Hans river.
Enjoy the day with them. Girls, thanks for being there
now and always! <3
Went out with Weeting and Maggie today.
I swear it's our unlucky day! first, we missed our stop.
second, we didnt know how to get to leisure park.
third, we didnt study at all.
fourth, we're being stalked by 2 guys who wanted
our numbers. Indeed, we're scared and disgusted.
=,= I do enjoy lazing my time ard with them!
ps: meiqi-maggie is my sister la we look alike.
Weeting is a pig!
Tomorrow(or should i say later in the afternoon)
I'm going out with the girls again to study!
Maths worksheet not done......
English summary not yet finish.....
Wanna complete my chem tys.....
What a dull life i'm leading now. Darn.
Dear readers, tell me how to compensate for the days
i've cheated you guys for not blogging! Really thanks for
being there. Every comment of you people brighten up
my day with 10000 light bulbs (:
gonna blog all the pictures i've taken with maggie
and weeting by... hmmm... SOOON!
cause i kinda miss blogging now. bye!
With love.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

bye. i'll blog tomorrow with many peektures taken today.
Much love.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Eileen 25th may '07

That was last year.
okay, please don't laugh readers! i know i look awful.
Just don't understand why my face is 24/7 blushing.
It's good to have natural blush i know.... but at times, it's
really irritating. *** Dangs C. can't hide the fact that i'm
shy! because my face pratically reveals every thought
in my mind. Conclusion: Eileen can't lie. tweeez!
I think i need some confidence boost tablets! All my
friends are like scolding me because i'm always
ranting to them about how i look like etc etc.
ohhhhhh and i ate slimming pills. In case you don't know,
i'm 47kg which is freagggging fat/plump.
If you guys are still gonna gainsay that, whateverrrrrr.
went to watsons just now and i saw so many new products
from japan! Any of my sweeties tried whitening tablets
from SATO or MEIJI amino collagen? flooood the
tagboard please! Much loves<3
Still the same.... Miraculously, i've been doing my own
revision at home. I'm gonna fight all the major exams
and enjoy the later part of my life with a stablise lifestyle.
Poly - Business majoring in Marketing
Wait for meeeeeee in the year of 2010!
Me, I, Eileen
I'll not going to mull over this anymore.
I'm sick and tired of guys taking me forgranted.
Really tireddddddddd this time round.
I won't do anything anymore.
I'll let go.
bye, hope you'll do well in everything
because deep down, i do wish you well.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

What a hectic life i'm leading now.... N levels MT oral
is drawing near. I'm seriously not prepared for it! sighs.......
What miss chua said did made sense. She: This is the time
where your future really depends on yourself. Run the last lap,
keep up the momentum. ( Although we're not talking Os yet)
(oh wait, shes teaching my class chinese now btw.)
My N lvl's prelim starts on the 31st of july. To be exact,
19 days from now. Prelims will end goodbye on the 18 of august.
**** One week holidays.......................
Within the one week we'll be having 3 N lvl's papers.
English, SS and Chinese.
**** After one week holidays...............
All the papers start knocking on our doors alrdy.
Eileen, you seriously don't have anymore time! Please,
Who wants to go studying please contact Eileen.
dear readers, do bear with me.... schoolwork is really
stressful!! Anyway, gonna post last year's wedding pictures!
i was the bridesmaid herhehehe.
gtg do my english paper!
I dislike you.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Still went to school despite having fever today. *dangggggs*
Even mom agree on me not going school today. Obviously dad gainsaid it.
I don't know why readers!!!

Don't know what's wrong with me. Been very emotional these few days...
Kept weeping for the slightest thing. (Not joking.. Tv programmes makes me cry)
It's okay Eileen, you're still the strong girl!
After your N levels you can have all the fun alright!
I'll blog super soon with many peektures, With love.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Life is short, cherish everything while we can. wordy post!
At times, i really do wonder why am i behaving weirdly. It seems to be getting worse
as days passes... What duncan said was true. Duncan: out of a sudden you'll go
hungry, woahahah suddenly you're mad and the next minute, you're laughing like a clown. That really happens to Eileen. oh mannnnnnnnnn.
I'm down with fever. Every minute, i feel as though my blood
gushes up to my head without going through any vessels.
oh god.......... I wonder whats wrong with me recently.. All those nosebleeds, flu and
fever gonna kill me soon. Probably i'm down with some kinda weird disease.
Anyw for you concerned readers, i've yet to visit the doctor regarding my nosebleedings. I'm afraid... seriously i am. Actually i'm supposed to go for this minor
operation for my ingrown since months ago but i was so stubborn! i insist that i'll take care of it myself. To my intriguing account, **dangggg the ingrown is still lying painfully on my toe. Tell me which one of you sweeties wanna get your whole nail pluck off (that will prolly take months to grow) and parts of your toe operated on?
Was so blur today. Gary conveniently asked me to help him buy 'lor mai kai' because i was already in the queue. Guess what? i bought a 'Siew mai' instead. So he came to me and said " so wheres my lor mai kai? ( guess he smells something wrong because he didnt see his lor mai kai on my hand) i confidently said " neh, ( giving him the siew mai ) here la!" He: "huh Eileen poh?! i said lor mai kai leh..." okay i admit at that point of time i was so blurred and superrr
Wait! another one hehehe.
Went to buy drinks with eugenia and wanzhuang so i was like standing there helping eugenia taking her wallet. Aftermath, i naturally passed eugenia's guess wallet to wanzhuang and said " wanzhuang take your wallet leh" ( i bought eugenia that wallet people, so i wouldnt be so dumb right?) Everyone was like laughing at me. *bangs my head*
Conclusion: my blood ain't flowing in a correct direction therefore my brain is
malfunctioning. Okay i think i should stop here before the feverish body of mine gets
徘了徊了走了 错了过了等了 累了全都困了 烦的乱的冷的 都是真的

Monday, July 07, 2008

Nosebleeds and me me me.

If you're really so concerned, do click on the peekure
of he tissue paper so you'll be able to see the clots! i know
it's very unsightly but hehehehe.. So Eileen posted up many
photos of herself to let her dear readers forget about the
bloody peekture *laughs*
Anyw, yesterday's outing was cancelled cause guanrong
was having fever and wardah can't go... ended up
going raffles city and suntec with Jolenedear.
Had fun laughing and joking around with her! <3
Compo not written....
Poa homework not done....
Wed have poa test....
Still have to go for co practices....
Feel like dying.... i can't catch up with any poa concepts
*cries* someone please help me with poa.
I need someone to help me with all my subjects..
someone to motivate me....
Anyway readers, gonna post in chinese for the upcoming one
cause chinese oral is coming soon do bear with that
one and only post. LOVE SOON!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Out with limin today
Dear readers, I've taken 1845294562069 peektures of
myself today! weeheee ** If you're not afraid of vomitting,
by all means come back for the post alright! Laughs.
Obviously the day didn't start of well for me ...
was actually anticipating to collect the shu uemura items
i've ordered. But my dear colleague didn't bring the things
with her.. so ended up in Tampines mall (like again =,=)
But but but, life in tm won't be bored as long as there
are movies! Caught Get smart - An extremely nice
show and its totally hilarious. Awesomeeeeeeeee!
Ratings 4.5/5 stars. 0.5 deducted. The show caused
my butt to ache because it's 2 hours my dears (:
Limin and me was like laughing our ass of our seats.
Yayness, i'm going East Coast with my friends tmr.
been ages since i last cycled!
No worries, peektures sure flooding in!
I'm waking up from this damm thing.
ps: can i scold finally start hurling vulgarities now?
________________ <-- insert anything you like.
Swear this pic with sammi is super ugly. - after work ):
Pri - Still a cute one i guess...
See how fat i've grown in pri 6? don't laugh so hard leh..

The warmest hugs and kisses to all my dear readers k (:
so anyway, i nosebleeded again.... The sight of the tissue i've
used was kinda horrifying! Gna post them up very soon babies.
Warning: Those who'll faint if he/she sees blood, please avoid
reading my next post! Beware! Rating ** 3.8/5.0
Stayed in school to finish my Poa today ( yeah, principles of
accountings! in case some of the blur sotongs don't know) Its was tiring re-writing all
the notes up. Aftermath, went Tm to meet momma and daddo.
Ohmigodzx all of you readers should so really go to the
hokkaido fair! Love their dry scallops there... Although its way
cheaper grabbing em in japan *Bangs my head on the wall*
Spend alot on foood! Like always, my mother gainsay the fact
that she've actually put on about 1kg? Nevermind about that long as daddo still loves her :D Sweeeeet.
I swear i'll take many peektures tmr! i'll be most likely to be
at either bugis or town. Needa go over shu uemura to collect
the cosmetics i've ordered. I Desperately wanna slim down.
Am i too ugly? Help! Hugs and kisses,

Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Eileen's classic.

In case my dears can't really see the picture, do click on it for the enlarged version k! don't be a lazy bum! If i'm not wrong, this cute picture was taken when i was hmm..
perhaps 8 or 9? I don't think i look different lor! except for the fact that i've grown
so so much fatter when i was 11. ohhhhhh bet you people didn't know that i was such a
fat ass eating so much during my primary school days right! (although i still adore eating now =,=) when i really have the time i'll definately post up my fat face pictures when i was pri5 and 6 alright! HAHAHA.
I knew my lovely readers did prayed hard for me last night because i find today's
English oral relatively easy as compared from how i imagined it to be.
Hope Eileen will score okkkk! Shouldnt be so happy yet.... because on the
16th/17th july, i'll be having my mt oral. I admit i suck in reading chinese *pouts*
And also right after national day, which falls on 8/10, all our prelims will start
hitting me. Also not long after, i think ard mid/end of sept, we'll be having N's
already leh! Which means i will need to reconnect/rack my brain so that i'll be
able to digest all the preparations and books into my head. ........ HOW LOVELY
Life is so vulnerable... i've learnt how to take it easy and go.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A very boring and mundane post.
Damm, I couldn't post any pictures because my com crashed. Using my lappy now and there isin't any nice photos for me to post. Dear Sweeties, i know you guys are super ardent. If you really miss me, don't mind go friendster see the past 'AcT LiiAn' peektures of me or even better still.. go see my blog archives and have a good laugh at it k? Have fun entertaining yourself ^^
i know my readers are all lovely! Please pray hard for Eileen Poh because shes gonna have her
N's English oral. I've been diligently belaboring my picture description because thats my weakest. Do hope all my efforts will be remunerated.. i've also been very attentive in class lately leh! Do feel the urgency now. All the express classes of our cohort will be graduating this year.. feel so disappointed in myself! Eileen still have another year wearing the unsightly
uniform with ugly faces appearing in every corner of the school. Downright adhorrent! Booo
I reckon that my blog was so much capitivating/fun during the holidays right readers? Give me some ideas please! welcomed to email me!
ohhhhh wait i just notice that my com is functioning normally. oh my god damm it la! waitwait, one last thing to rant about.. hehehe my toe is suffering from ingrown again! *ouch*

Away from you,