Saturday, August 09, 2008

Happy National's day!

Happy Birthday Singaporeeeeeeeeeee! You're 43!
Wishes for the whole nation:
The government will cease the GST charges.
Stop Inflation! It's killing many of us i supposed?
& Singaporeans all to live harmoniously forever!
Ps: I love singapore so very much.
(No! i'm not kidding )
So.... Baby, Weeting and Jiaqi came for a
Stayover-baking night yesterday. We've baked
Muffins of many creations and most importantly
the icing of singapore flag decorated! Shepherd
pies too. Yummmy! hokay, shhhh shhhhh
i hope they don't read this!
Jiaqi suck in decorating.... but wait, guess who
emerged as the winner? Weeting!
She can't decorate things for nuts sake.
I think prolly in her life, shes only good at
eating *says in a pissing tone*
The 2 pigs are still soundly asleep in my room.
Btw, we had so much fun yesterday laughing
at our own jokes and how ugly we were in
the peektures. hehe sometimes the smile
shutter function in the camera cheers many up.
Dear readers! i'm going to celebrate national's
day with my friends at esplanade(not confirmed)
So we'll be taking lotsa peektures bcos
randolph the bitch and baby will be there.
oh yeah, and the peektures of us in the
baking ytd (: sooon, i'll be back! With Love <3

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