Friday, January 30, 2009

cny pics part 1

Hello readers!

Those peekos were taken on the first day of chinese new
year. Anyw, didn't took much pictures this year.
My common test starts next monday and stretches all
the way till ard like 11th of feb if i'm not wrong?
i'll die of fatigue soon i guess. i've not yet touch any
of the books therefore, i'm freaggging deaddddddd.
I'm in a dilemma now! should i continue my streetjazz
2? wanzhuang not gonna join the class anymore!
which means taking train alone, walking there alone,
having dinner alone, taking the long bus ride home
alone. Comments asap? Thanks babies. :)
I'm very tempermental... but why is someone able
to tolerate it no matter how extreme i get?
Good question.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Drunk on my birthday party 12/31 '08
(a lil vulgar here. pardon me! a random rant here.)
Miss the times when i get myself fucking drunk till
i'm oblivious about my surroundings.
Sometimes it just feels so good for that second without
anything to worry about. When am i gonna step out
of my own fucking circle? Sometime soon.
Faith? about there.
Took alot of pictures during visiting! i'm gna post em
all up soon. woohoo pretty pictures.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

HAHA scare yourself on cny eve.

Gave yourself a scare? I'll rate that 4.5/5.
So proud of myself being able to look so scary. LOL
A happy chinese new year readers!
Tonight will be momentous in almost everyone's life.
A day where we'll gather with our loved ones for
reunion dinner. To others it might be something
mundane because some of you might be thinking
whats the big deal abt reunion dinner when you get
to eat with your family everyday right?
But for me, it's noteworthy.
Most of the time, i eat out with my friends or
pack some food home as my mom don't
usually cook and my dad will normally be out.
I love days like this when i get to enjoy dinner
with my family! Although i always find my
cousins very noisy...whatever it is, family is my
utmost priority. eh studies too :)
I LOVE YOU PAPAMAMA and... ______
As i get older, i'm starting to get the picture of things.
understanding more and more that i've never
experienced in the past. With love ;

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dec 08
This is how i look like without makeups.
I posted one of the picture taken on the same day too.
(if my readers still remember)
ok i just realised my hair suck that day! tsk tsk.
I managed to pass my maths test that i thought will
be screwed. Guess how much i've fared?
Wooh! i passed! Not a thing to celebrate about...
but somehow feel contented about it alrdy.
Because tcher said that he setted this paper at
a standard that's higher than Os. But whatever
it is, it is vital not to get complacent K?
I skipped school yesterday and awarded myself
with a self-proclaimed holiday :)
It feels so good to get to sleep till you naturally
wakes up without those annoying alarm clock
ringing so much that you've to keep snoozing
them every 5 mins. Sounds familiar? haha.
Anyw, a happy advanced chinese new year to my
readers! Good health, Good money rolls in k!
A phrase for you ppl " HUAT AH! "
(it means to prosper or whatever that's good)
Thats what my grandmothers and uncles always
say during this period.
I can't bring myself to enjoy that much because..
My common test starts on the 1st of feb.
Study Eileen study! We can't lose out to
the 4express students like what our tchers said.
To all the 5academic students: We're
always being stereotyped being lousier in studies
than the express students! it's time we prove
them wrong! Our '09 sec 5 will prove everyone
WRONG. Let's all strive hard for Os! <3
I'll be going parkway later i think.
be back soon with peekos :)
With love.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Taiwan peeks part I(dec 08)
What actually took me so long to post all these peeks
up!? Ok i know i look kinda 'weird' in them.
Can't seem to figure whats the difference though.
3 more days to Chinese new year........
guess what?
I've freaggingly been putting on weight. IDIOT.
I don't understand why can't i just maintain my
weight instead of putting on another kg or 2!
It gets particularly irritating at times like this..
because you know you definitely have to look
good on your clothes for cny. Eileen, an awesome
job done here! instead of losing, you gained.
So my crash plan is to.........
STOP EATING starting from friday to monday!
hope i'll be able to like lose 2kg[?]
Mayb i'm lucky enough this time round with the
help of the goddamn freaging pain cramps.
This torment i have to bear with even when
it's killing me anytime soon.. HELP!
Ok i've got like so many things to rant about.
Pardon me please readers.
For your info, i screwed my maths test today.
I swear it suck a big time and i'm prolly gonna
get a big fat underlined mark on my report
card for it. *knocks*
Anyw, come to think of it...
I think i've spent quite a huge some of dad's money
last year. Need to curb myself from buying
unnecessary yet pretty stuffs when i'm out omg.
I don't use to spend like that!!!!!!!
but... my weekly allowance is seriously not enough!
$70-$80 per week for a girl. Comments?
Gonna post more pics up soon. much nicer ones!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ages since i last blogged.

"Hi i miss you guys!"
I think this 2 pics were taken last last weekend.
Took many pictures of myself that day! HAHAHAHA
so be prepared! gna post em all up and digust you
Nope flu bug didn't kidnap me, i'm not stuck in the
toilet bowl and i didn't die from some terminal disease.
I'm just purely busy! I'll be having combi science
test Ca1 tomorrow and here i am still blogging.
Seems like i'm not at all worried huh?
Wheres the vibes of an O lvl student?
I hope time won't speed ahead of me before i start
mugging like how i used to and live to regret later.
I needa build the momentum. Soon.
Yet, another chinese new year coming.
A freagging happy new year to all my readers.
Love ya all.
Somewhere, someone.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Okay, changed my mind. Since i said about
good facial care regime, this post shall be......
How to take good care of your skin
(don't be lazy.. read em all it helps!)

Jessica alba

Jennier lopez

Angelina Jolie
Posted this picture before last year if you guys notice.
Cmon ladies.. admit it. No one looks good without any
ounce of foundation/concealer on them.
I'm not saying that those without em looks ugly...
Just trying to tell my dear readers no one looks uglier
in makeups. A lil doesn't kills. (although guys always
emphasizes that they prefer the au natural look without makeups on)
Who wouldn't want their girlfriend/spouse to look
so hot that all the stares from others melts on them?
Nope, no point denying guys... :)
So how do i start off with?
Taking care of your skin is the vital point.
That's why i said... Good facial care regime.
Theres some of my friends who doesnt wash their
face before bed. Gosh... just imagine the amount
of oil building up on your cheeks drowning the
soon to grow pimples. V gross isin't it?
Ok ignore this part because i'm just giving some real examples that
i've heard and experience. you should know i love talking!
So of course...
Remember to wash your face no matter how tired
or sick you are before bed and it's the first thing to do
when you wake up by the beautiful sun!
No choice ladies, that's our long term liability.
For combination skin like mine,
(meaning, your face tend to be more oily at the t-zone)
Oily skin
Use cleansing milk!!!
It's really proven that our skin improves as long as
we uses milk base product. I've tried and it's really
working. I'm using Clarins cleasing milk btw.
Oh yeah! do my dear ladies even know that
we're not advised to wash our face more than twice
daily? Studies shown that the more we washes
our face, we'll be sending a message to our brain
to produce even more oil. (works like oil blotter)
yeah now you know the scary consequences.
What if you're wearing makeups? how to cleanse?
Ok this is what i've always been doing since i started
using cosmetics.
If you're having your oh-so-volumized
mascara on your real lashes,(can't be bothered with falsies
cause you just need to pluck em off) Cleansing oil(any brand)
I'm using shu uemura's in case you need to know.
apply it onto your lashes with your fingers and
gently massage it. (The keyword is gently! you wouldn't
want a bald eyelid without any hair. HAHAHA hilarious!)
Once you think that you've removed majority of
the mascara on your lashes, use a clean tissue
paper and wipe it off. Repeat this step if needed.
Thereafter, double cleanse your face with cleansing
milk. What's double cleanse? it means to apply
cleansing milk, massage rinse off and repeat.
After you're done.... rinse your face with cooler
water at the very end as it contracts your pores.
Yes, with that... not so much dirt will intrude your pores and
thus, turning them into those irritating black and white heads!
Do not use your towel to wipe your face!!!!
Wait, unless you uses a seperate one for washing up.
Imagine... you wipe your body and pubic area and you
wipe your face without knowing theres millions of
micro-organism and bacteria.
So, use tissue paper my dears!
HAHAHA i bet those producing tissue papers
gonna earn more $$$$.
Thanks! i've ended my 1st post today :)
Next post up by next next week!
Stay tuned, with more pictures!!!!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Release of O lvl results today.
Congrats to people who acheived good results.
For those who didn't, cheer up.. give yourself a pat
because you know you've done your best!
My dear xinci, don't always give yourself so much
stress... cmon! it's a distinction! celebrate! :)
Since last year, i've always been saying things
like i wanna study hard and attain good results.
I guess it's not that easy as what we think.
So many of my batch 4 express students are smarter
than me... but see what they score?
So.. here the question comes.
What kind of results will i be getting? Will i still
maintain the 4As i've got for N lvls? Poly or Jc?
will i be celebrating or crying when 2010 jan
comes? (but anyw no matter how i fare, i'll still cry)
I know... call me a cry baby thanks. HAHA
Eileen... focus.
No distractions allowed
No wasting of precious time
No late nights out anymore
No fooling around
And start mugging as and when i'm free.
I've got no time to afford.
Next up: Makeup 1 post.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Good complexion starts with good facial care regime"
Hi readers! My first post will be on how to create a good base
(inclding..makeupbase,concealer,foundation,loose powder)
It'll be up by early next week! *smiles*
Why not now? because i'm going out later.
Why not tomorrow? because i have dance lessons and will
be going out with wanzhuang after that.
Stay tuned

Thursday, January 08, 2009

I'll be back.

Say hello.
That's me without makeups during the baby's
1 year old birthday! Okay you readers might be thinking
i'm lying. I did put on sunblock(it's my daily routine),
drew my brows and wore contact lenses la! AHHAAHA
Quit asking me whether did i apply blusher.
I really didn't. My face has natural blush 24/7!
To be happy or not to? You decide :)
School started... i'm just waiting for the day
where the stress will start to hit me.
I still don't feel the urgency yet...... I'm starting to
feel sick of school, dozing off during lesson etc.
Tell me how! i wanna get L1R4 of <12!
If only i'll be able to maintain my L1R4 of 10
in N lvl for this year's O lvls.
No point saying so much... Actions will prove
my efforts and hardwork soon in the year of 2010.
I'll be back for more pics.
Going where tomorrow eileen? nowhere.
Tired, sick, down and low.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Peekos taken during chalet too.
(What should i do next?......)
This is getting me crazy! look at the time now sweeties..
Why is a school girl still blogging at this time when she
needs to slap and crawl herself out of bed at 6am in
the morning?
Thanks, my flu made me damn pissed!
Yes, need not remind me about that... i've been sick
for more than a week already! Seriously don't know
where i got this cursed virus from and even passed it
to so many ppl! Maggie, Justin, Alfred, Wes, Sammi.
(i think theres more...)
I'm so sorry for that. Deepest apologies!
Thanks to my flu once again... it made me skipped
dance lessons twice! You big fat idiot bacteria!
My body must be producing 10 ounce more fats
now than what i usually produce.
Help me someone, i need to shed of some fats!
Chinese new year is just ard the corner...
If i still remain as what i am now, HAHAHAH
please laugh at me when i dress up for visitings
on cny. The sight of my fats layering disgusts
me. ALOT
Ok wait, whats wrong with me today huh?
Do you realise the whole post is about fats?!?!?!
Nevermind about that... because i know at the end of
the day, someone will be there for me!
Thanks for being so nice to me...... LOVEYOU K.
eh no wait! but that person is soundly asleep now.
I changed my mind! mayb just LIKEYOU K.
Been a long time since i said something that mushy.
but whatever it is, i meant everything i say here.
No qualms about that :)
Readers, see how i complain on my next post.
Stay tuned.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Theres more to it.

Happy birthday sebas! i'm so sorry i couldn't make
it ytd! No worries present here with me :)
Hi readers! I know whats the first thing you guys have in
mind now. "whats up with all the acting cute peekos"
all these pictures were taken during my chalet.
That's not the end ok! theres more to the collection :)
School officially starts on monday.... but i've been
sick for more than a week! and it's not getting any
better. I'm so sorry if i've passed you the flu! :(
Drink more water people!
Skipped dance again today....
I'm really too sick to dance and that's bad!
I'll be back with a proper post soon!
Pardon me.. cause i'm back to school.
Sometimes it leaves me thinking so hard

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hi 2009, bye 2008.

"A happy new year to all my readers!"
May the year start off with laughters, happiness and
fret-free for all the sweeties! Thanks for staying by me
through all the ups and downs of 2008.
Though not physically with me, but all your encouraging
tags cheered me up. Because at least i know....
Theres somewhere, someone cares about me genuinely.
Theres always this saying....
A new year, a new beginning.
True? I don't know.
New beginning? what about all those old chapters you
own? Bring it with you, throw them away or just keep
it somewhere so that you'll still be able to see them?
Sometimes i think i'm too fickle minded.
What will happen in the year of 2009, no one knows.
Whats more important now is to learn how to cherish
chances that vanishes as soon as they comes by.
Do what we think is right and stop harping on hopes
that are non realistic. That's my new principle for
the year.
Back to schooling from tomorrow onwards.
Which means, no more crazy time. I'm reverting back
to my old self. I'm very serious in acheiving good
results for 0s this year. People! let's do it!
We laughed, we cried and all the while
we felt so alive it was you and me,
you grabbed my hand and you made me see
what could it feel like and what it might be like
you wrote my name in the sand
In this endless summer we will be together
and i don't want this feeling to ever end
looking back in november feel the sun and remember
that when our time has finally come to pass
somethings last, somethings always last
Save goodbye keep it frozen in december
I need the high to get me through the ever after
Cause now that it feels like its far from what it was like
When we wrote our names in the sand
I love my blog's song lyrics alot.
Bid goodbye tiring/sad/happy/sweet 2008.