Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Peekos taken during chalet too.
(What should i do next?......)
This is getting me crazy! look at the time now sweeties..
Why is a school girl still blogging at this time when she
needs to slap and crawl herself out of bed at 6am in
the morning?
Thanks, my flu made me damn pissed!
Yes, need not remind me about that... i've been sick
for more than a week already! Seriously don't know
where i got this cursed virus from and even passed it
to so many ppl! Maggie, Justin, Alfred, Wes, Sammi.
(i think theres more...)
I'm so sorry for that. Deepest apologies!
Thanks to my flu once again... it made me skipped
dance lessons twice! You big fat idiot bacteria!
My body must be producing 10 ounce more fats
now than what i usually produce.
Help me someone, i need to shed of some fats!
Chinese new year is just ard the corner...
If i still remain as what i am now, HAHAHAH
please laugh at me when i dress up for visitings
on cny. The sight of my fats layering disgusts
me. ALOT
Ok wait, whats wrong with me today huh?
Do you realise the whole post is about fats?!?!?!
Nevermind about that... because i know at the end of
the day, someone will be there for me!
Thanks for being so nice to me...... LOVEYOU K.
eh no wait! but that person is soundly asleep now.
I changed my mind! mayb just LIKEYOU K.
Been a long time since i said something that mushy.
but whatever it is, i meant everything i say here.
No qualms about that :)
Readers, see how i complain on my next post.
Stay tuned.

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