Monday, March 30, 2009

Webcamming with wz in the night.

Thats what we do when we get too bored. Not in the mood. i'll be back!

Love you weising!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Idiot boy of mine went to genting this morning and it feels
weird without having him to talk to me around this time where
he usually will call after dinner. I gave him a text not long ago
and he actually called me! I've been spending almost everyday
with him during my march holidays that's no wonder
why my holidays seems to end in a blink of an eye.
Anyw, just to briefly summarise how i spent this holiday with him.
Had quite a bad time with him during the first few days due to
something that happened. Shall not dwell on it since it's all over.
We had many heart to heart talks after that and i hope that it
helps in strengthening the communication we both share.
Caught a couple of movies together.....
Having dinners with my family and his family........
Went to robinson sale at expo and he kept mum even though
i've wasted alot of time shopping here and there.
Therefore i came to a conclusion: I actually enjoy spending
my time with you weising. Have fun at genting!
Your girlfriend here is missing you okay.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Taken before zouk that night at home. HAHAHAHAHAA
I swear i looked 100 times uglier outside zouk as i was all
sweaty running around passing my buyers tickets.
Just came back from the school trip to msia last night.
The sky was exceptionally beautiful over at desaru.
It was an awesome experience and was my first time
watching so many stars from a boat. In the midst of the
boat trip i told myself......
"The world is such a vast place for us to be in but yet it
still showcases it's beauty to us in a pretty sceneric view".
Sometimes i feel so good spending the whole night alone
watching the stars blinking away. Have you guys had
any experience where you had a tiff with your loved ones
but watching the stars eventually calmed you down?
I had far too many. But it sure feels good after that.
Ok why am i suddenly talking so deep into stars? Deviate
back please Eileen.
Theres st james tonight but i guess i'll be giving it a miss.
Getting a lil sick of parties as it's always the same old thing
that happens. Girls there to get grinded and guys there to
grind. Boring activity to spend my night away like that.
Oh yes! i need sellers to help me sell june's party tix.
Details all not out yet. Any interested, do feel free to email
me or approach me thru msn ok or even better, tag me.
I'll be anticipating many responses yeah?
Should be meeting weising later. Bye!
With love.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Have all the good times covered the changeable ones?
I've been in a dilemma for days and the same thing had
been coming non stop. Have just one night of fun made you
guys forgotten about how hard it was for you to make the
first move? how cute it was that we're able to go out tgt
and have so much fun? how much you guys tell us that you
love us? Have you guys forgotten that you're attached?
Is that all you guys want afterall ?
I certainly hope not.
I wonder why such a thing will happen. Is it my fault?
Why do ppl give up so easily? i'm sure we're all able to get
over this together but why did you guys chosed to give up?
I'll miss the times where all of us have fun outside.. really.
Not a thing to forget.
Whatever it is... i'm downright disappointed in you wes.
Don't make it as though everything will be alright.
Because i know very well that i'll still continue to think
about this. If you think that i'm making a big fuss out
of this, then i'm sorry. Just tell me how many girls will
not care anyshit about it and i'll salute them. Sadly,
I'm not one of them. Nevermind, no amount of words
can change the fact anyway. Loveyou.
Charlene! cheer up and i love you! :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Zouk + phuture for the price of 20 only!
Quick get your tix from me!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tired because i'm emotionally drained.
Tired of all my school work that isn't possible to complete.
Tired because i've no enough time to rest.
Tired as i'm trying my best to be the one for you
I once told myself not to let anything at this point of time
affect my mood for studying. But of course as reality hits in,
you know it won't be as easy as what you thought and
planned. Indeed, life is all about setbacks, challenges,
racing with time, getting yourself heartbroken, exams,
family, friends, tears, happiness and death.
Why some people always have fantastic grades in their
report cards? Why no matter how hard some people
work, thats the best they are able to acheive? Karma?
Fate? No. I don't think life revolves around that.
I always believe, what you are... is what you think.
If you think you can, you will be able to do it.
If you think you can't, no matter how much effort you
put in nothing will be remunerated. Agree?
You guys think my results were easy to come by?
Definitely not in what i remembered. My results in
secondary three was terrible. I failed almost all my
subjects except for my languages. But i told myself
"Don't give up yet... try a lil harder, a lil longer you
can do it" and of course, i finally did it.
Yes, no doubt with a cost. I've really sacrificed alot.
Sometimes i find it hard to understand human.
Why do we always lament on the past when it's too
late for us to do anything? Why didn't you put in your
best when you're given a chance? Most people tell me
"If i were given a chance now, i will choose to study
hard". Yeah yeah always the same old retro sentence.
I can say that too, but i chose not to. Because i don't
wanna live to regret my choice like them later on.
Moral of the story? : Always cherish chances given.
No idea what is wrong... In case you don't know,
i really spent the whole day thinking of the possible
routes for you to take. But it all seems weird now.
Not all, maybe it's just us.
You left me with tons of questions in mind.
Love you.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Since nowadays i'm so tied up with school work, friends
family, bf and etc. i'll try my best to upload random peeks
taken on random. Those 2 that i just uploaded was taken
2-3 weeks ago and i can't rmb when.
Gave school a slip today as i'm sick again. I think my
immune system suck a million times because it seems so
easy for the virus and bugs to intrude my body.
Falling ill seems to be a part of my life every one or
two months. How amazing is that [?]
It gets particularly irritating at times when i sneeze
4-5 times in a row and when the sneeze just don't wanna
come.(you know the feeling where you're kept on suspense due to the sneeze.
it sucks a big time, no doubt abt that)
Everyone was asking "Eileen where you mia to huh?"
I'm so so so sorry about the fact that i've not been online
for more than weeks. Now i should reveal my daily school
routine to you readers and you judge whether i'll still have
the time to come online okay?
School from 8am-3pm daily (excluding days with extra lessons)
Ok lets make it 4pm i'll reach home. Obviously when
you just came home from school you'll laze ard and
just lie somewhere comfy right? 4pm-5pm- slack.
5pm-6pm Eat dinner. (i hate late dinnners, in case you don't know.)
6pm-7pm do my own stuffs- reading etc.
7pm-8pm weising will normally call me and chat.
8pm-10pm study 10pm-11pm chat and i'll turn in at
around 11pm. That exclude days when i have extra
lessons okay. Terrible life O lvl students are leading.
Just 8 more months that we need to endure.. gogogogo!
I know it's a lil crazy to see me spurring on myself.
Oh yes before i forget. we're a month old alrdy! Time
really flies in a blink of an eye. The card was really cute
and er... childish. But whatever it is, still loveyou!
Looking forward to tennis on friday :)
Hello ppl, zouk + phuture on 15th march.
With love.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Seems like time was never on my side.
Last week was commontest week again.. got back some results.
yeap, lousy and disappointing ones. English C5 Maths B4
Geog D7. Lets hope the rest won't disgust me.
So i've not been updating my blog. Even oblivious about me
having a nuffnang advert. I'm looking forward to holidays!
Anyw, 15th march sunday @ zouk, reserve your tix from me
It's very sweet to see all of you encouraging me out there.
Thanks so much. Love you guys!
I'll blog more after my tests this coming week.