Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's 12.15am now and i have not slept a wink.
In case some of you do not know, Chinese Os is just like
3 or 4 days away. Not too long to go, yet not to short to
have the last chances to create miracles.
School these few days were everything about chinese.
We were drilled to do everything by an error free and
perfecting our writing in the shortest time possible
so much that my brain stops functioning at times.
Till these days then i started realising that even
Chinese as a language, has it's own beauty that will
only be realised after long practices of writing and
speaking. (HAHA weird me today because for my
entire life, i've not been speaking good of chinese.)
Sometimes i actually felt that theres a significant
change in how life was like from last year and this
year. Although theres more to handle, more to do
and more to study...... i'm kinda starting to tune
myself better to this hectic lifestyle without the stress
i was dealing with last year and even started to get
the momentum.
Of course, my life doesn't only revolves around studies
but also many more interesting factors that made
me what i am today. I'm no nerddddd HAHA.
Anyw, i'm having some problems deciding whether
i should pursue Business Studies(Human Resource),
Advertising & Public Relations or Law & Management
Suggestions anyone?

Friday, May 22, 2009

A week ago
Hi guys i'm dead beat!
oh yes my results......
Eng B3(Shocked.highest in class. i know it's wtf)
Science B4(irritated and disappointed)
Maths C6(no words will be able describe this)
Chinese B4 (Ranked 3rd in class. i know it's wtf again)
Combi humans F9(no comments)
Poa F9(no comments too)
Ok tata!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All taken last night after dinner over at my house
and theres still more in my webcam folder.
Without any makeups and acting random... sorry ah!
Oh did i mention last friday i went marina mandarin
for buffet dinner at the aquamarine? Not sure
whether did i get it correctly anot. Anyw, food there
was OK but not to the peak where you'll still rmb
how the it tastes like now. But i got to agree that
the chilli crab(one of the chef's recommendation)
wasn't disappointing. Luckily enough. HAHAHA
Per head at $58+++ so... rating? 3.2/5
Darliney and me took lotsa pictures over there but
i'm lazy to upload them here. Mayb over a facebook?
Uploading pictures onto my com is no longer a
hassle with it. It's such a breeeze over there with
one click and everything done nicely! Sounding like
an ambassador for facebook now rightttt.
Mid year exams finallly over! So, done with one
little hurdle. Oh wait, wouldn't say it's even a hurdle..
mayb a small little bump? Having mixed feelings now
partly because exams ended but Os chinese coming
in like what? 11 days? anddddd i have a hunch
that i didn't do great this time round. badddddd
Meeting kennyoji and kyler later over at tampines
mall or T1. Been long since we last met up for a
drink. Might be meeting darliney for movie at night

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wanted to post pictures but couldn't bring myself to.
My uncle(mom's cousin) commited suicide on the 15th
of may. He jumped off his house on the 14th floor.
Life is so beautiful yet so fragile. Rest in peace.
Vaunt 4 at StJames on the 7th june! reserve from me!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

That's me without a pinch of makeups last sunday at
Tampines 1 with darliney and my cousins.
OK WAIT. look at the picture again!! see my thin
brows lying there lifelessly bald on my face? that's the
'fabulous' job the ugly old and fat auntie did to me.
Just compare his brows with mine... HAHAHAHA.
Exams weren't as bad nor as good as i thought.
But still, it didn't scared me any. My life still goes on
like how it was supposed to be and i'm really enjoying
every bit on this. Thanks to ppl like Efah, Zilah and
Xinhui who've been there with me whenever i'm in
desperate need for someone to talk to and also, never
failed to laugh at my not-funny-at-all jokes.
Love you girls alot
(i think you guys are the only friends that i enjoyed being with.)
Friends changes, Friends moves
Friends drift, Friends leaves......
I've experienced it more than any that i actually don't
bother to care anymore. Efah! i think we're the same
so.... we should love each other even more :)
Hehehehe let's deviate from this topic lest i get myself
emo or sadddddddd again.
I'm going to parkway later to meet denz and darliney
and he don't know any shit about it!
Yay gonnnnnnaaaaa suprise him.
7th of june St James Mixed aged.
Reserve your tickets from me!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Birthday night
That's the cake i baked with darliney- the strawberry
cheesecake ;) sure loook nice huh?
Lucky enough they didn't check darliney and me.
Anyw, i was kinda high that night and was dancing the
night away on the tables and sofas.
Total madnessss but i really had fun fun fun.
Anyw, I bought a polaroid ytd and it takes f.nice
pictures hoooraayyyyy. (he paid half for it too)
Many more pictures with his sisters.
Shall post them up soon!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Amara hotel , Korean Cuisine
Dinner was super filling yesterday + the cheesecake
i think i've gain mayb a kg or two? Saddddddddddddd
i must really stop eattting man. You people won't
believe how much weight i've put on since dec till now.
But i'll openly tell you ppl that i've gain er.....
3kg? or mayb a lil more. I need holidays!!!!! Because
it has always been a norm that i lose weight fast
during the holidaysssssssss.
I forgotten to take a pic of the cake we baked ytd!
Shall get it from Darliney's sis soon ;)
Tonight club. What to wearrrrrrrr?! this is driving me
nuts. Gtg! i'll be back posting pictures.
Oh wait, before i go........
HAHAHAAHHA i took lots of pictures with darliney
ytd and i loook f.ugly which is evidently seen on the
pictures above.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Hatred (Please skip this part if necessary)
I'm fuming mad i swearrrrr. The damn auntie at the
trimming specialist(located at tamp inter) is damn fat,
stupid and ugly. I stepped in,told her that i wanna
trim my eyebrow and even purposely said "i don't want
it to be thin... just want it to be neat" she said "ok".
Oh wow look at the fantastic job she've done to my
brows now.... i look like i'm naked. AND she didnt
even trimmed any single shit! all she did was just
shave shave and shave!!!! I EVEN BLED @#*%&#$!
The rest always did a goob job for me except for her.
Please do not think that i'm overreacting. As girls, we
should all know that our brows play a bigbig part in
our overall appearence rightttttttttt.
On the lighter note, darliney and me baked a cheese
cake yesterday and it looks awesome-ly gooood!
(althought the big one was kinda screwed)
But anyw, we're going some hotel for dinner at night
with his family for his sis birthday. Let's just keep my
fingers cross that i won't end up ravaging the food on
the table. Don't wanna put on any more weight!
Sorry weising. I'm really sorry for always being so
unreasonable. And thanks for always being sooooo
understanding and nice. It's our 3rd.
Love you ;)
Pics taken later in the night will be uploaded soon!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Why do i look so ugly in this photo huh?
HAHA pardon our red faces because we drank that night.
(26th april over at eugenia's house)
anddd this saturday we'll be celebrating darliney's sis 20th
birthday at some club/bar ssoooooo it's time to have fun!
(random)i'm satisfied with my current hair because
it doesn't look as ahlian-ish anymore due to the
fact that i've snipped off all the thin and long ends.
I think i look much more freshen up, neater and most
importantly TALLER! (long hair actually shortens your frame
especially if you're already short enough. HAHAHAHAHAHA)
My hair is growing in lightning speed i swear.
Only two days since we last met and i'm missing
darliney like a madwoman alrdy. The incessant thinking
of him make me feel very much like a pervert at times.
Wonder how is he doing for his soccer trials in school
now???? Please work hard k darling.
Loveandmissyou! ;)

Sunday, May 03, 2009

All sides of me.
Been long since i last posted pictures of myself and i
finally got to posted some of myself today. I've more of
darliney and me to upload soon.
Pardon me for the f word i uses here (pls skip this part if necessary)
I've been doing nothing at home since 12pm except
for sleeping, eating, using lappy and talking.
I seriously think that i've been wasting my life for
more than half a year and this is realllll baddddddd.
I just can't get any books into my head cause i'm
just f.lazy and this is really pissing my ass off.
It's reallyreally f.irritating and i feel like awarding
myself a big fat slap. Last week's mid year papers
wasn't scaring any shit out of me and this is
freagging weird because it wasn't any bit like this
last year. I think i should stop going out till late in
the nights because i'm getting so used to it like no
one's business. "Hello Eileen, so... you think you're
not taking your major exams this year huh?"
Why aren't the hear of Olvls scaring me? Someone
please infect me with some stress of yours so i'll
get my ass of the chair and start mugging.
This week was kinda shitty for me.
Had many tiffs with darliney and sometimes it puts
wondering if our relationship is going the wrong way.
I think i'm most to blame. Dominance is the perfect
word for the fault of mine....... i guess.
Thanks for always trying your best to give in to my
wants and needs and didn't even utter a single word
though i've been complaining abt how bad you are.
I'm really sorry about that and i love you.
Anyw, i've got new stocks for Lavinty and it's really
pretty! do rmb to mention you're lovableens's reader
and get 10% of total receipt!